Soul Food week four & delayed gratification

Firstly a quick update on week three. I was 'pretty good' with my intentions but not perfect. On the cutting back on coffee front I broke once to treat myself (see previous post). The social media rules I set myself I stuck to. I learned that coffee has become more important to me of late and it was much harder to cut back than I expected it to be. As I move into week two of this change I expect it will get easier . Social media wise I feel free of some old behavior that I was stuck in. So that is a real win!

This week I'm going to add in new behavior rather than taking away. I went to three yoga workshops on the weekend and in the process learned what I need to do to take my practice to the next level. In a nutshell in my quest for a strong handstand, I have spent at lot of time upside down. Seems I would be much better served focussing on my core strength, my arms too. We were given about 15 minutes of targeted exercises to do daily that will help achieve this. From today I'm going to commit to doing them 6 days per week.  Yes I wont improve my handstand overnight, but I know that sometimes in life you need to do the work now to get the outcome you want down the track. And this is no exception.

Not the first time I've mentioned delayed gratification and I know it wont be the last. It's such a fundamental concept in achieving goals, I am forever grateful to M. Scott Peck for introducing me to it in his book The Road Less Traveled. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

What do you want that you need to start taking daily small steps toward? I think the journey is sometimes just as rewarding as the destination once you get on your way. Good luck with it.