Union Square, Darrows and Health Coaching

Darrows is badged as a 'Farm Fresh Takeout'. I thoroughly love this concept and was excited to try it over the weekend. I was also excited to meet with the fellow health coach student who is to be my accountability coach. She suggested Darrows mentioning in that it has a restaurant area as well.

This place is super cool, I LOVED the decor. The street level is dedicated to their take out business, which I have no doubt packs to the rafters on week days. Up the stairs is the restaurant area. On arrival I was struck by both the fit out and the sun shining through the front windows.

Being Saturday and brunch timing, it was crowded but not completely full. Enough full that the staff were having trouble managing orders though. Which was a shame because everything else was great. 

I ordered the Tuscan kale salad, having had a late breakfast I wasn't ravenous. It was fresh, crunchy and it really hit the spot. I also had the Park and Irving Smoothie. This for me was a perfect light lunch - plenty of organic veg, combined with protein and superfood. I felt totally satisfied and ready for my afternoon yoga class after that!

It was also fab to spend time with a fellow health coach to be. More on that another time.