Too good NOT to share offer if doTERRA is calling you!


This is not my typical blog post, but I am busy busting through blocks right now so here goes. 

There is an incredible offer on doTERRA right now where you can save hundreds of $ in your first couple of months. Plus if you order right, you get an extra Frankincense worth $114 RRP.

I found myself sending an email to a few of my nearest and dearest who I know will at some point invest in oils.  Then I thought, this has a lot of information, I should really share!  So here is the details on some of the ways you can get started with doTERRA. I've included the best value (especially best value through to end of Jan 15, 2018), as well as cheapest, and a couple in between. 

There is a really great promotion on right now, which expires at the end of the 15th of January.  That is, if you make any order of 200 PV+ you get a free Frankincense, which is worth $115 RRP.  On top of that, if you order a 100PV order in February as well, in March, your account will be credited 100 PV, which you can go shopping for more oils etc with.  

PV is short for points volume, everything we buy from doTERRA is sold globally and PV is a kind of global currency, it's worth closer to US$ than Australian.  For example, if you buy the Home Essentials kit, it costs $330, and is worth 235 PV.  Therefore if you invest in that pack, you will also get a free Frankincense AND be eligible for the incentive in Feb/March.

I am now going to list some ways to buy, across 3 categories:  1. Best Value, 2. Cheapest way to get started, 3. Middle ground.

1/ Best value is definitely the Home Essentials pack, especially right now. It comes with all 10 oils (9 x 15 mls, 1 x 5ml) we covered in class + a Petal diffuser (the one used), an extra 15 mil Franky, and a free Product of the month (5ml On Guard).  The full pack is valued at over $500 if you were the buy the oils individually, adding in the freebies its currently worth over $600.  By enrolling, you will get it for $330.

2/ Cheapest.  Pay to enroll - $35, then buy the Introductory kit. This is 3 x 5ml oils of lemon, peppermint and lavender.  This kit is $26.50, so for just over $60 you are off and running with a Wholesale account and able to buy the oils at the same price I do.  The loyalty reward program is a great way to then start gradually building your collection over time.

3/ Middle ground

  • Pay to enroll, $35, then buy the Mood Management kit (four beautiful mood related blends). This is $124, add on the enrollment and you are totalling $161 AND that means you qualify for the Feb/March incentive and can leverage the 100PV Feb order to get the 100PV in free oils in March.

  • Buy the Family Essentials Enrollment kit (with free Smart and Sassy). This is $174 and enrollment is free. The kit has the top 10 oils as per the Home Essentials kit, but they are in 5ml bottles (no diffuser). It also comes with a Smart & Sassy which is the metaboliser blend, good for managing cravings. By investing in this, you will also qualify for the Feb/March incentive.

Link to website is -

Then you click on join and save.  If you are going to pay to enroll, I would do that process first, then once you have set up your account log back in to make your purchases, it's easier.  All of the above will then be found under the Shop, then Kits tabs. 

If you have any questions or you need help along the way, drop me a note and I will sort. Seriously send me a message, I want to be there to coach you on how to get the most out of these beautiful oils & their magical plant power.  Email is great -