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The path to 'lit up & liberated'

The path to 'lit up & liberated'

As I sit here typing, it’s December the 29th 2018. Which makes it about 9 days since I walked out of my Corporate MD (of an advertising agency) role into the great unknown. Actually, that’s a stretch, I do know where I’m headed to, even if the directions are a little less clear!

The destination, isn’t actually a place, instead it’s a feeling. More specifically, it’s the way that I want to feel on a day to day basis. It’s both ambitious and yet, it’s achievable. If not all day every day, then at least a whole lot more than we’re led to believe.

This quest of mine, began a little over eight years ago. A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, gut wrenching and debilitating. I went through every bit of ugly and I can promise you, it’s best avoided. It left me with one positive thing though. A realisation that I wanted more from my life. Not more money or things, but more meaning and more joy. To be able to look back whenever my time comes, with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The overwhelming emotion of following your heart

The overwhelming emotion of following your heart

I cried again today. Happy tears. Lately, this welling of the eyes has become a regular occurrence. I’m pretty confident it means, I’m on the right track.

I’m just a week shy of leaving my 30 year long corporate career, to focus on my passion for health and wellness (via my doTERRA business). As my business develops, I’m regularly having aha moments, that remind me of why this “risk” is so worth taking. Moments that make my heart explode and my eyes water. Who knew work could feel like this?! These moments are typically, my team expanding into new levels of confidence and happiness. Empowering other women to new levels of success is kinda intoxicating, trust me.

Do you love to travel? Me too!

Do you love to travel? Me too!

I've made sure to do plenty of it in my life thus far.

I must admit though, the exciting adventure is all too often accompanied by pesky jet-lag and when unlucky a few more ailments to negotiate your way through on top.

A friend asked me, which essential oils I recommend she take on her next big trip away. I got busy typing out an email. Before I knew it, I had covered the top 10 oils. Yes, I take them all with me on my travels, plus a few extra's for good measure!

Your essential oils intro AUDIO class, 35 minutes from me to you :)

Your essential oils intro AUDIO class, 35 minutes from me to you :)

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Me too! So, I thought it was a great idea to run an intro to essential oils class podcast style. Here in a short 35 minute audio file I introduce you to why I started using essential oils, what they are and give you a quick run through the top 10 essential oils we (at doTERRA) recommend for every household. 

Breast cancer specific Essential Oils intro class (audio only) - please share!

This recording is of an Essential Oils one on one chat I had with a fellow breast cancer survivor. She didn't love being recorded, so it's mostly just me talking!

This isn't the standard class format, I don't even talk about what essential oils are, or why doTERRA. That being said, I hope it's helpful. If you're a breast cancer survivor and would like to learn more, please get in touch with me - my email is

One thing I want to make clear - Clary Sage/Clary Calm are very potent and you need to be careful using them if you've had a hormonal breast cancer. Do your research, ask your Doctor and trust your intuition..

Please enjoy listening to my dog bark and me discuss my vacant love life. Typical Yvette Mayer over share. Vulnerability in action.

How I'm using Essential Oils to manage Cancer & Desmoid side effects (and hopefully even more!)

Whilst doing yoga this morning and during savasana, when I 'should' have been quieting my mind, instead I was inspired to write this post!  The reason being, I couldn't wait to get home to apply my essential oils to my desmoid tumor, which was experiencing some discomfort. For the record, I rubbed in some frankincense and copaiba (along with coconut oil) on arrival and voila, no discomfort. Then I got to thinking, these oils are giving me so much relief to a lot of cancer and desmoid related side effects, that this post simply must be written. So here I am!

I'm going to start with the support for breast cancer side effects and then move on to desmoid tumor. Something for everyone? Not really, but I know some of you will be very interested to hear this.

Abundance is a mindset, it can be yours!

Growing up, I was taught that the world is a place of scarcity. That we wont have enough if we don't 'behave' a certain way. Be that money, love, fun or self fulfillment, the message is the same. There simply isn't enough to go around.

My parents, whilst not perfect had their hearts in the right place. They taught me caution. Invest in the safety of property. Make sure I have my superannuation sorted. Don't expect too much of myself. Recognise, that I need to exercise delayed gratification to set myself up for success. OK that last sentence is a stretch, but it speaks to me!

So much joy in these little bottles

As you know from my last post, I've started using and sharing doTERRA essential oils. I'm sure you could sense my enthusiasm and excitement for these products. But I have to say, two weeks later I'm here to report I've hit a new high - a high called joy.

It's been a while since I felt this 'lit up' it kind of reminds me of falling in love. How cool is that?! I use the oils all day (diffusing, flavoring, rubbing into my feet, my face, my entire body to be honest). Which is actually what this picture is of.  Three of my favorite oils and some fractionated coconut oil (FCO).  Every day now, I emerge from the shower, mix up a few drops of these oils with FCO and literally smooth over my entire body.  It feels and smells like heaven. This week, a friend grabbed me by the arm and pulled back saying 'what is going on with your arms, they are so soft!'. Alerted to this fact, I can now tell you, oh my word, my skin has literally NEVER been softer.