Super Moon ritual

Today November 14th, 2016 marks the largest Super Moon in 69 years. This moon also happens to be in Taurus which is my star sign so it seems auspicious to me.  While I'm not super in tune with all things spirituality related, I'm interested.  Interested enough to consider how it would be best to use this Super Moons power. I've got a lot going on right now and could use a reset.

So, as is the normal approach to such matters, I Googled my way into some understanding of what I'm now going to do this evening. I'm sharing here in case you too live in the Northern hemisphere and want to take the opportunity to celebrate (or ritualize) the occasion too. If not, never fear, there's a full moon every single month and each time you have the opportunity I'm taking today.  To be fair, a reset is valuable any time.

Why you need to give your new years resolutions the flip

One week has passed since 2016 commenced and you likely set your new years resolutions. LIke you, I also spent some time considering this years pledges to myself. But then I realized something. Every year, my resolutions are actually the same. And while they might appear in a long list, there is only one resolution. I suspect you fall in to the same trap. You make the same agreements with yourself. Let's boil it down.