5 simple keys to happiness at work

Work (I mean career) has been on my mind a lot of late and has been finding its way into this blog, as a result. Which is kind of strange given that the sentiment is more about making sure you have a life filled with joy and working is not something that generally evokes that emotion.

Which has me thinking about why. Last week I was chatting to someone about this matter and I came out with this statement. "I'm enjoying my career right now, I'm doing work I'm proud of and getting a ton of positive reinforcement" and he responded with, "well yes that's how it's supposed to be".  And isn't that rather telling. It is just so damn simple.

Love the one you're with (love the one you're with!)

Love the One you're with. An oldie but a goodie and the sort of lyrics that can easily get lodged in your brain.  Since coming up with the idea behind this post, it's been kind of hard to shake.  Why? It's a catchy tune for sure. It's more than that though; it feels like the work of synchronicity. Do you have that experience? When whatever is on your mind will suddenly present itself to you in full song version. Not sure about you, but I kind of love it. It's like I'm the DJ of my life.

Anyway, you might expect given the above, this post is about romantic love. It's not. Actually, I'm not good at multi tasking on the relationship front. In particular if I'm in love, I got to get over that stuff before I can feel love for someone else. But I can totally relate to the sentiment in other aspects of my life.