Primary food delivery

This post was inspired by my instagram feed this morning.

When I started studying with Integrative nutrition this year, I had no idea that it would have such a huge impact on my life beyond the ‘healthy food’ arena. I pretty quickly learned, however, their philosophy goes well beyond nutrition. In fact, IIN calls actual food secondary and prioritizes primary food…which is nourishment of a different nature.  Specifically: spirituality, relationships, physical activity and career.  

Right off the bat I was acutely aware that in terms of my own primary food, there were some gaps. Secondary food I was doing incredibly well on. I do have the physical activity part nailed. My career is set to evolve due to my studies. Spirituality needed some work and I’ve done it (thanks Gabby Bernstein). But the big gap for me was in the relationship area. At least in the part of significant other as I consider my relationships with my family and friends very strong.