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Prefer to jump right in? Want to know where to start? I've got you covered right here.

1/ For the BEST value, start with the Home Essentials KIT. It features all 10 'foundation' oils we recommend for every home, in 15 mls bottles (except the Ice Blue which is 5 ml) + a Petal diffuser.  This kit has you covered for almost any health and wellness challenge in your home. It’s valued at $550, however, by enrolling, you will get all of this for $330 Australian ($275 US). I recommend you add a fractionated coconut oil so you are set up for safe dilution out of the gate (+$16.50/$15 US)

2/ Want to accelerate your journey to a low tox home? “Nature's Solutions” is the incredible kit I started with, to do just that. It has the 10 foundation oils, +6 more x 15mls of our best selling oils (Purify, Lemongrass, Citrus Bliss, Lavender Peace, Aroma Touch & Balance), 2 Touch Rollers - Past Tense (head ache tension) and Clary Calm (hormonal support in a bottle!), Fractionated Coconut Oil (ready to dilute!), 2 bottles of On Guard Hand Wash, Correct X antiseptic ointment, Easy Air Vaporiser, On Guard beadlets & On Guard toothpaste. Plus a doTERRA wooden box to house your new essential oil collection. At $635 Aust ($550 US) & worth over $800. it's your healthy home reset in a box. It also gives you $100 back in future products credits & a jump start on the loyalty program (15% back in product points). 

3/ Cheapest.  Pay to enrol - $35, then buy oils that you want individually.  For example $35 + diffuser $58, Lavender $28, Frankincense $90 (15 mls of each)- both I would recommend for peace, relaxation, de-stress - this adds up to over $200....which is why the kits are better value.

4/ Middle ground A (Australia only): Pay to enrol, $35, then buy the Mood Management kit. This kit contains four beautiful smelling mood enhancing blends, including Balance for Grounding, Lavender Peace for serenity & relaxation, Citrus Bliss to bring joy and Elevation to elevate your mood.  This kit is $124, add on the enrolment fee and you are totalling $161. + Diffuser = $219.

Middle ground B: Buy the Family Essentials Enrolment kit (with free Smart and Sassy). This is $174 Aust/$125 US, and the enrolment fee is waived.  The kit has the top 10 oils as per the Home Essentials kit, but they are in 5ml bottles (+ no diffuser). It also comes with a Smart & Sassy which is the metaboliser blend, good for managing cravings.  Then maybe next month buy the diffuser on the loyalty program and you can start earning loyalty points!

Once you've enrolled, you will be welcomed into our Scent Squad oils tribe. We have private Facebook groups, monthly prizes, tonnes of inspiration +  I will provide a free one on one call to officially welcome you and answer all your oily questions. 

Open an account:

1 - go to this link:  SHOP OILS

2. Click button at the top of the page that says - join and save (on mobile app, hover over the lines on the top right)

3. Use drop box to select shipping to the relevant country

4. Select local (OTG) order for that country

5. Click on join as a Wholesale customer

6. Fill in the personal and shipping detail info

7. Once in, click on Enrolment kits and pick a KIT (we recommend you start with the Nature’s Solution or Home Essentials Kit) or select the Introductory Enrolment packet for $35.  Once that is in your cart, you will see under where it sits in the cart, there is a line that allows you to ‘enter additional item or product name’. In there type in and search for whatever else you are going to order. When it comes up click add to cart.  Once you are happy with your cart, click on view totals, then check out & finalise your details. Once processed you are all set up for wholesale prices - 25% off RRP!

8. It will ask you to sign up for LRP, if you already know what you’d like to order next month, pop that in here and you’re on your way to earning loyalty points

What happens next?

Good news, your oils are on their way! Depending on the shipping option you selected, they will arrive within a few business days.

You will soon receive a welcome email from Yvette, linking you to all the promised resources. It will include;

  • Account details

  • Welcome PDF packed with information

  • A PDF covering 150 uses of the Home Essentials kit

  • A welcome video from Yvette to help you unbox your oils and get your diffuser up and running

  • Access to private Facebook groups

  • More in formation on the monthly ordering program (loyalty program)

We are so excited you’ve joined the team!