Corporate Wellbeing Coaching & Consulting

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Why corporate health matters

Our work forces are craving guidance and structure when it comes to their ability to operate at their best. With wellbeing central to productivity, supporting your teams health is an investment that will deliver returns.

Yvette leverages her 30 year corporate experience and health coaching credentials to deliver customised, engagement building programs. Services include individual coaching, team building programs, wellbeing experiences (including meditation and yoga), and corporate consulting. Here ambition is help your team go from survival mode, to truly thriving.

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Founded in health coaching principles, Yvette considers the entire spectrum of wellbeing to inspire healthy behavioural change. This spans physical and mental aspects, incorporating goal setting, strategies for success and ongoing accountability tools or processes.

Philosophically, Yvette believes looking after your health shouldn't be complicated. It's as simple as bringing attention and a bit of fun to it. YMW will help your team understand the power of embracing the 'good stuff'. What's good stuff? It's additive & positive for whole self health; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. By focussing on small positive improvements we can experience transformation.

With mental health rightly in the spotlight, we’ve developed four training programs ranging from an hour to a full day. Available now, download our info pack or read more here.

In addition to in person training, Yvette offers an app solution that is fully customisable for the business ready to support their team to be truly well!

Whether you’re looking for ongoing support, short term consultancy or an event, trust Yvette to deliver the right approach for your business. For our intro to services brochure, or to set up a time to discuss, please use the contact form below.

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Introduction to Corporate services deck - request a copy via the above form

Introduction to Corporate services deck - request a copy via the above form

Health Coach Certified, IIN

Health Coach Certified, IIN