If you're looking for natural health solutions, you are going to love doTERRA essential oils!

I've long been invested in a more holistic life style. One with more peace and less toxins. That's why, Essential Oils have found their way into my heart and life. Partnering with DoTerra to share the oils with you my friends was a natural next step. I want you to share in these magic potions and have a more peaceful less toxic life too.

There's so much to learn and without the opportunity to chat and breath in these gorgeous aroma's I can't do it all justice.  I can however set you on your way to do the research and get you set up with a wholesale account, so you can enjoy these incredible supports systems too.

Here's a couple of ways in (outside of obsessively googling, you tubing and facebooking DoTerra and oils related content like me). You are very welcome to do that too. Or:

OPTION 1 (Personal Use):

Wanna bring the oils into your home, although not feeling called to the biz opportunity right now?

Just want a personal use account? I have you covered here - click the link and then either the shop or join and save options (I strongly urge you to consider joining as there are a tonne of benefits).

I’ll hook you up with a wholesale account – no strings, just lots of $$ savings woohoo! 

Steps to joining:

1 - go to this link:

2. Click button at the top of the page that says - join and save (on mobile app, hover over the lines on the top right)

3. Use drop box to select shipping to the relevant country

4. Select local (OTG) order for that country

5. Click on join as a Wholesale customer

6. Fill in the personal and shipping detail info

7. Once in, click on Enrollment kits and pick a KIT (we recommend you start with the Nature’s Solution or Home Essentials Kit) or select the Introductory Enrolment packet for $35.  Once that is in your cart, you will see under where it sits in the cart, there is a line that allows you to ‘enter additional item or product name’. In there type in and search for whatever else you are going to order. When it comes up click add to cart.  Once you are happy with your cart, click on view totals, then check out & finalise your details. Once processed you are all set up for wholesale prices - 25% off RRP!

8. It will ask you to sign up for LRP, if you already know what you’d like to order next month, pop that in here and you’re on your way to earning loyalty points

OPTION 2 Join the Freedom Squad

I'm creating a life that has me feeling liberated and lit up - and I invite you to do the same. If you've been dreaming of working for yourself, with a community of support and flexibility - working how, where and when you want to, this is for you. To learn more, I've created a video that can give you a glimpse of what it's all about. Video

Are you excited to explore the opportunity to work with me + dōTERRA?  It's easy to do and I can't wait to get you started. 

I would LOVE to answer your questions and even jump on a courtesy call with you.  Just email me at