If you're looking for natural health solutions, you will absolutely love essential oils!

I've long been invested in a more holistic life style. One with more peace and less toxins. That's why, Essential Oils have found their way into my heart and life. Partnering with DoTerra to share the oils with you my friends, was a natural next step. I want you to share in these little bottles of magic and have a more peaceful, less toxic life too.

There's so much to learn and without the opportunity to chat and breath in these gorgeous aroma's I can't do it all justice.  I can however set you on your way to do the research and get you set up with a wholesale account, so you can enjoy these incredible support systems too.

I recommend you get started by listening to my short AUDIO CLASS - 35 minutes of action packed information.

Prefer to keep reading? Well here’s the short story in my own words.

doTERRA essential oils are 100% plant extracts, unadulterated and volatile compounds. Now, that may not mean much so let’s talk about why they’re so powerful.

Plants are living things with their own defence mechanisms built in, that help them survive the elements. Each variety has different mechanisms and will thrive in different environments, geographically and topographically. Through extracting essential oils from mama earths finest plants, we are able to harness these powerful defence mechanisms. How awesome is that?!

From the calming effects of lavender, to the awakening power of peppermint, each plant has a unique and often diverse range of benefits. Want to know more? Discover the many benefits of the top 10 essential oils we recommend for every home.