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By purchasing essential oils through Yvette, you will automatically join our oils customer support team. Choosing the right doTERRA support team is important! You want to make sure you have ongoing education and access to resources. That’s what the Plant Powered Essentials Community is all about. You will be welcomed into our private Facebook group, receive a welcome gift in the post, a monthly insider email and have direct access to Yvette (email, text, Voxer).

Why is this important? We don’t want your oils sitting in a box, by joining our community we will make sure you’re inspired to integrate your oils into your every day life. It is only by using your doTERRA products every day that you will truly appreciate their ability to help you glow from the inside out. Wanna be brimming with good health? You’ve come to the right place.

Joining is simple. Once you purchase oils through Yvette or her team (either following the instructions here) or via an email/phone consultation, you’re in. We’re excited to have you with us!

join the plant power essential collab.

Does the sound of a business that has you feeling lit up and liberated appeal to you? That is the Plant Powered Essential Collab. mission. A space where we come together to build our dreams and create our best lives empowered by our doTERRA businesses.

Every body comes to doTERRA with a reason why. For Yvette, it started with health challenges and the support she found in the oils. She quickly realised, that her deep longing to leave her successful corporate career, for a business that centres on being of service to others was knocking. Her why 'I want to make a positive impact on the world, through using my experiences to help others have better lives. To be an authentic, vulnerable leader that inspires and empowers others (especially women) to lead with their head and heart. To value and champion health, happiness and harmony - every single day. To deliver on my why, I need a ‘full cup’ an abundance of energy, time and resources (yes money matters) so that I can give generously’. What’s your why?

Starting a doTERRA business is simple. Join as a Wellness Advocate rather than a Wholesale Customer and you are all set. There is no additional joining fee. That said, if you’re planning to launch a business, we do recommend the Home Essentials kit as a minimum. You will need at least the top 10 oils & a diffuser, to truly build a relationship with the products. It’s a non negotiable element of the doTERRA model that you live and love the products. Unlike other network marketing models, doTERRA is a customer business first and foremost, with 85% of members simply account holders who love accessing these incredible gifts of the earth at wholesale prices.

Launching your doTERRA business is also simple, but it’s not easy. That’s why we have created a full program of training and support that will systematically guide you to success. You will have access to a complete ‘kick start your business’ video training, ongoing mentoring calls, the Plant Powered Essential Collab. Facebook group, weekly team video trainings as well as a direct line to Yvette. Think of this as your business in a box set up, it’s that good.

More good news, with Yvette, you are accessing a leader with 30 years of Corporate experience, with her most recent role of Managing Director of a 300+ person advertising agency. In addition to doTERRA, Yvette runs a Health coaching and consulting business. Her leadership experience and strategic nous are infused throughout the training you will receive.

From a financial POV, this is a business with unlimited earning potential. Trust us, if you put in the work (on yourself and your business), you have the keys to unlock enormous financial abundance. This income becomes more residual the longer you show up in your business. So the best time for you to get started is yesterday. The second best time is TODAY!

The latest numbers from doTERRA:

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Yvette is a wonder! Finding someone who is so passionate, open, and kind is so very rare. Her knowledge and interest on the topic of health and wellness, and specifically on how essential oils can support you across a variety of concerns is seemingly endless...and if she doesn’t have the answer she won’t stop until she finds it for you! I count myself lucky to have her in my life as a friend and business mentor!
— Gretchen Hustad

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