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Stacey cresci,Executive assistant

Yvette is a natural leader who has the ability to foster a positive work environment where staff feel supported and heard. After working with Yvette in the corporate world I was inspired enough to join Yvette’s doTERRA team and continue to receive amazing mentoring and motivation to further grow my own business and develop my own leadership skills.

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Mark pavia, executive vice president, publicis spine

Yvette was truly a pleasure to work with. Smart, creative and always had a thoughtful strong point of view. Her leadership skills with her team, clients and other agency partners was enviable.

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Yvette was my manager while she was the Managing Director at OMD Sydney from 2017-2018. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Yvette and found her to be an inspirational people focused leader. She was always just as concerned for my personal wellbeing as she was my challenges in the office and was a huge advocate for balance and flexibility. She brought many great initiatives to OMD in line with her vision, including Nourish Yourself week & yoga and meditation classes. She was part of the roll out of The Voice, our internal Culture club. It’s no surprise that overall improvements in staff satisfaction scores rose during her time as MD. I’m so pleased I had the chance to work with her and wish her all the best in her new business adventure.


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