LIana booker.jpeg

Liana Booker, director Nine Powered

Yvette came in to speak to a packed room of sales people on ‘embracing the good stuff’. She talked openly about her breast cancer journey and challenges with burn out to encourage and inspire the team to think carefully about and act positively towards their own physical and mental health. Although not her intention there were tears because Yvette’s words were deeply touching. She made an extraordinary impact on the team and was the talk of the office for days.

kate perry.jpeg

Kate Perry, Group Sales DIrector, SPOTIFY

Yvette presented to the Spotify Australia team, sharing her inspirational story of adversity, resilience and discovery. She took us on a journey that included personal lessons, insights and perspectives that really left an impact. Yvette is a powerful communicator and extremely relatable. The teams feedback was 100% positive (glowing even). If you're looking for someone inspiring to not just present but connect, I highly recommend Yvette.

GRETCHEN HUSTAD, VP of Technology & Agency Solutions at Canvas Worldwide

Yvette is a wonder! Finding someone who is so passionate, open, and kind is so very rare. Her knowledge and interest on the topic of health and wellness, and specifically on how essential oils can support you across a variety of concerns is seemingly endless...and if she doesn’t have the answer she won’t stop until she finds it for you! I count myself lucky to have her in my life as a friend and business mentor!