Home Essential Kit - top 10 foundation oils + a diffuser

Home Essential Kit - top 10 foundation oils + a diffuser

While doTERRA have near to 100 essential oils available, here are your top 10 oils, these we recommend for every household. This kit, known as the Home Essentials, features a diffuser and within these 10, an oil to try for any health challenge that arises (physical or emotional) . It’s your turn to mamma nature first tool box.

Lemon - A powerful cleansing oil. Use as an ingredient in cooking (fish, dressings etc). Add a drop to water to detoxify your liver and reset your organs. Diffuse with peppermint for a fresh and uplifting scent. Make toxin free bench top spray, simply mix with water and and a little white vinegar. Also, easily removes stubborn sticker residue, give it a try!

Tea Tree - Add to shampoo to clean and support a healthy scalp. Use to dry out and soothe zits (apply a drop straight on). Use as a natural antiseptic on hands and feet, around nails or on cuts. Tea Tree is also effective to manage fungal problems like tinea.

Frankincense - Add a drop to your face moisturiser, it promotes collagen! Also great on areas of ageing concern (your chest, back of hands), mix with coconut oil and massage in. If you have any inflammation (eg arthritis) massage in topically on the spot.  Diffuse mixed with lavender for a really calming and relaxed vibe at home.

Oregano - Add to pizza, pasta and dressings. If you have a sick household take a drop in a vegie cap. Or mix with On Guard, Tea Tree, Lemon + Coconut Oil and massage into the soles of your feet. Have a child with a wart? Oregano can effectively banish the thing! Ask me how.

Lavender - Add a few drops to the diffuser at night to help your sleep challenges. Mix a couple of drops in to a small spray bottle with water and spray your pillows before bed.  Combine with coconut oil and massage into the soles of feet before bed. Do the same to your kids. Also, great to add a few drops into bath to calm the farm.  Lavender is beautifully nourishing for your skin, can help burns, including sunburn. Like Franky you can add it to your moisturiser too.

Ice Blue - Rub into aches and pains to get some relief. Mix into coconut oil (or similar) first. Apply before a work out to avoid getting the next day pain. If you forget, well at least you can soothe those sore muscles! Helpful to ease period pain, joint pain, crook neck and more.  

Easy Air - A must have for cold and flu season! Mix with coconut oil and rub in like vix. Add to lavender in the diffuser to help breathing while sleeping. If you have sinus issues, dilute with coconut oil and tap into sinus area for relief. I will also use it on my upper lip if congested to help easy breathing.

DigestZen - Mix with coconut oil and rub into tummy for any over indulgence style pain. It’s really effective to calm bloating down. Good for nervous tummy too. Can help heart burn, nausea or constipation.You can also add a drop to glass of water when have tummy pain. Or one drop under the tongue works a treat.

On Guard - The Protective Blend helps keep the house healthy. Any sign of colds, flu etc, make sure you are using regularly.  Add to the diffuser to kill airborne pathogens and help avoid sickness spreading in your family. Add lemon or another citrus to it to soften the smell if required (it’s very clovey!). Make up a small natural antiseptic spray: combine 10 drops On Guard, with 5 drops of Lemon, 2 drops Tea Tree, one drop Oregano with filtered water. Use to spray on hands and even chest when travelling and wanting to kill all the germs. Plane tray tables too!

Peppermint - Really good for waking up and an energy boost (pep up). Smell the bottle when you first get out of bed and need a kick start to get going. It’s lovely in the diffuser combined with lemon to elevate mood and aid concentration. Also, lemon and peppermint together are helpful to manage head tension, try a drop of each massaged into your temples. Add a few drops into a small spray bottle, with a few drops of lavender (remainder filtered water) for a cool and calm mist - spray the back of your neck to beat the heat. Add a teenie bit to a hot chocolate for a mint hot choc. Actually, peppermint oil is delicious in any chocolate any chocolate recipe - although warning, you only need about 2 drops for the whole batch.

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