doTERRA are the largest and most ethically resourced essential oils business in the Globe.

I’m not saying big is always best…..but, in this case, yes! That’s because, there’s so much more to this business than scale. It’s a company with a giant heart and soul. One that cares about quality, ethical sourcing, sustainability, giving back to people in need and improving natural health care. There’s more but you get the epic gist.

From a quality POV, each and every bottle of doTERRA is rigorously tested and approved with a stamp of CTPG. This stands for Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade. Testing is undertaken by third parties and the results are publicly available. Turn any bottle up and you will find a sourcing code. Visit the website ‘source to you’ and you can follow your oils journey from living plants to your hot little hands.

Speaking of the journey, you may be wondering where doTERRA source from? Each pure oil comes from a hand selected environment where that individual plant thrives best. Currently oils are sourced from over 45 Nations around the world, over half of which are developing.

That’s another aspect of doTERRA that makes me super proud to be involved. The sourcing model - co-impact sourcing - is all about lifting entire communities. Purposefully building collaborative farming models that provide life changing resources. From fair and on time payment to cutting out supply chain leakage, investing in training and deploying needed infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, running water, the list goes on.