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Whether you're looking for natural health support or essential oils to give you an emotional lift, there is a perfect solution for you. I encourage you to join me on my oils journey and promise you wont look back.  Did someone say obsessed? That's how I feel about the products from doTERRA and the benefits I experience from them. It's not just about the oils, this is an opportunity to completely transform your health and life.

Join the Freedom Squad. Added to that is the incredible business opportunity. I'm now a Gold doTERRA leader, on track to hitting a 6 figure income in the near term.  I'm creating a life that has me feeling liberated and lit up - and I invite you to do the same. If you've been dreaming of working for yourself, with a community full of support and enormous flexibility - working how, where and when you want to, this is for you. To learn more, I've created a video that can give you a glimpse of what it's all about. Video

Are you excited to explore the opportunity to work with me + dōTERRA?  It's easy to do and I can't wait to get you started. We will welcome you to our team, the Freedom Squad, full of awesome women creating bright futures.

  doTERRA compensation plan

doTERRA compensation plan


I would LOVE to answer your questions and even jump on a courtesy call with you.  Just email me at 

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