Essential Oils Coaching & Support

My passion for Essential Oils has grown gradually over the past few years, as I tried the delights of the doTerra Essentials pack. But, it wasn't until a friend introduced me to having an oils coach that I really got it. These Oils are incredible!  Whether you're looking for natural health support or oils to give you an emotional lift, there is a perfect solution for you. I encourage you to join me on my oils journey and promise you wont look back.  Did someone say obsessed? That's how I feel about the products from doTerra and the benefits I'm experiencing from them. Not only is the company more like a family, if you fall in love like I have, there is considerable financial opportunities to be had. Right now, in November 2017 I'm a total newbie but my gut feel is I'm in it for the long haul.  Please let me know if any of this sounds interesting to you, I'd love to chat and hopefully welcome you to the family. 

Health Coaching

I am a certified health coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC, 2015).  Please let me know if you are interested in my coaching services which I offer primarily by phone or video chat. I am here to help you find indiviualized solutions that take you from coasting through life to getting the most out of it. I aim to be your health support & encouragement center, offer you a safe place for accountability, provide strategies for success and help you recognize your achievements along the way. Right now I am offering free 45 minute Wellness & Wonder sessions and a  50% discount on my 3 month beta Health & Wellness programme (for two lucky clients).


I have been writing blogs for well over ten years and in that time I have developed my own approachable personal style. I would welcome the opportunity to expand my writing to include more formal editorial assignments.  I'm also willing to offer up guest posting to like minded websites.  Other examples of historical posts are here and here.

Motivational speaking

I am an accredited speaker for the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.  I have experience speaking in front of large groups in this capacity about my personal exprience. I'm told I am considered a natural presenter, very personable and engaging. I recieved formal training in how to build compelling content and deliver with authenticity.

That said, much of my speaking confidence stems from a long career in advertising, I'm currently the Managing Director of an office with 300+ staff.  Over my 20+ year career, I have regularly led presentations and spoken at industry events. In my personal life I've also used this confidence to MC at weddings and speaking at many of my family and friends weddings and a few milestone birthdays too!

With the right brief in place, I will work with you to tailer my material to meet any requirement in the health and wellness field including but not limited to cancer related topics.

For more information on any of my services, please contact