What’s lit up and liberated?

Do you sometimes wonder if this it all there is? That whilst in many regards you have ‘made it’, there’s still not a whole lot of purpose in you life?

This was me. I had an enormously successful media agency career, a flash car and even my own home in an inner Sydney suburb (well me + the bank). My life featured fancy parties, luxury travel, designer threads and a lot of adventure. Sounds good right? In many ways it was.

Then I got breast cancer. Cue enormous re-evaluation and a dawning realisation that despite it all, I didn’t feel particularly fulfilled. What next? Not quite sure, I transferred with work from Sydney to NYC and started a new (very fun) chapter.

While I didn’t walk away from the safety of my corporate gig, I knew it was coming. Over time, the direction emerged. My passion for holistic health was growing. I juggled my big corporate gig with studying Health Coaching and Yoga Teaching. I got clearer on how ‘embracing the good stuff’ (think nutritious, nourishing, additive) could fuel better health. Then in 2017, I very naturally launched a side hustle, selling essential oils.

Not long after that, I had a conversation that changed everything. I was asked how I wanted to feel in my every day life. The words ‘lit up and liberated’ flew out of my mouth. A life defining moment, one I couldn’t turn back from - YES TO THAT!

It was a conversation that was to become the beginning of the rest of my life. I realised my mission was not only to unlock more purpose and joy for me, but to inspire many others to do the same.

Forward to 2019, when my side hustle expanded and became my full time. Now I get to be that annoying person who uses #livingmydream. My essential oils business is growing and I’ve expanded to Corporate Wellbeing and Private Coaching. There’s one thing all that I create in the world has in common - I help others feel more purpose and joy too. That’s what I call #litupandliberated. Want some?


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I call Yvette my super hero! Why? My teenage daughter struggles with anxiety. On our last overseas holiday, thanks to Yvette we made up a blend of oils to calm our nervous flyer. What an incredible difference it made. It helped us all set off on our adventure on the right foot!
— Maree M

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