Hi, I’m Yvette, Corporate Health Coach & Wellness Advocate

Sometimes, life can change in a heart beat. One minute, you’re happily enjoying your lot; the big corporate career, high end fashion and exorbitant travel. The next thing you know, everything shifts. At least that’s what happened to me, after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, aged 39.

My health came into question, as did my mortality. This began a period of re-evaluation, that continued for many years. Why did cancer happen to me? Was I truly fulfilled in my career? How could I reimagine my life in a way that honoured my health and happiness?

After much reflection, I recognised that my underlying anxiety and inability to manage stress, had led me down a dangerous path. While I was outwardly successful, I was hiding and masking issues with my mental and physical wellbeing. I wasn’t making my own health a priority, nor was I working toward inner happiness. So what next?

Along this journey of self discovery, my corporate career continued, while my passion for holistic health grew. I juggled training as a Health Coach with Integrated Nutrition (in 2015) and completing Yoga Teacher Training (in 2016) with my Executive Vice President role in New York. Once back in Sydney in 2017, I launched an Essential Oils business (with doTERRA) while running a 300+ person ad agency (as Managing Director). In this role I had my first experience in merging my skills, launching ‘Nourish Yourself’ week, a big hit with our staff. It dawned on me, that this was what I was meant to be doing, my bigger calling.

At the end of 2018, I took the leap and walked away from my multiple 6 figure salary. My mission had become to live a life where I feel more #litupandliberated, and inspire many others along the same path.

Today I’m leveraging my 30 years of corporate skills and knowledge along with my wellbeing focussed credentials, to specialise in Corporate Wellbeing. I develop customised coaching programs for your business/team/staff, provide morale boosting consultancy services, through wellness initiatives, and create tailored work place experiences centred on wellbeing practices.

Additionally I offer private coaching (1:1) group coaching, host retreats, continue to grow my beautiful essential oils business, practice and teach Yoga and am available for writing and speaking gigs. In whatever capacity you have found your way to my website - welcome, I thoroughly look forward to exploring how we can work together. Let’s be #litupandliberated together!


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I call Yvette my super hero! Why? My teenage daughter struggles with anxiety. On our last overseas holiday, thanks to Yvette we made up a blend of oils to calm our nervous flyer. What an incredible difference it made. It helped us all set off on our adventure on the right foot!
— Maree M

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