Hello you! I’m Yvette & here’s a bit more of my story

Do you recall when any mental illness was considered something of a sign of weakness? I felt ashamed, when I was first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder aged 22. Like if anybody found out, my blossoming advertising career would be over, before it had really began.

With therapy and medication, I bounced back from this episode and my career indeed blossomed. Aged 27 I was running a team, managing a major blue chip account & out pacing most people my age with seniority and salary. I was working 70 hours a week, partying on the weekends, madly in love, ego in check. Then it happened again.

Have you ever experienced panic attacks? I had my first one, while running up a hill in a fun run (yep the City to Surf, heart break hill, for those Sydney siders reading). I felt like my heart skipped a beat, sped up out of control and suddenly I was having problems breathing. Then something triggered in my brain and I knew what it was. Which made it even worse. This was the beginning of months of panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Again, I turned to therapy and meds. Ultimately, I decided to leave my stressful career, my boyfriend, my troubles and set off backpacking, London bound, via 10 weeks of Bali and Thailand. I had an incredible time exploring and I learned that discovering people, places and cultures lights me up like nothing else.

Two years later, when I returned to Sydney, I was ready to buckle back in and continue my career. This time with a more balanced approach. Sometimes it worked. I loved my job, the glamour, the fun, the prestige, creating great work, building teams - mostly the people. Sure it often took over my nights and occasionally my weekends. But I was paid very well thanks and proud of myself for my accomplishments. I bought a fancy car, I even bought a house. Tell you what I thought? I’ve made it! Seriously though, what does made it even mean?

Then one morning, I headed to the Doctor and asked her to investigate the ‘thickness’ I felt in my right breast, which was oddly ‘chunkier’ than my left. That same day, I found myself booked in for a double mastectomy. 39 years old, my life over night became a blur of breast cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, baldness, early menopause and fear. Rather than take time out, I continued in my high flying career, working through most of my treatment. Inside though, I was struggling to enjoy it.

It’s hard to leave the safety of a long, successful, high paying career. So I didn’t. I found another way to set my soul on fire. I picked up my life exactly as it was and moved it to New York City. Although truth be told, life continued to throw hard punches (I lost my inspirational friend and NY house mate to breast cancer). I was diagnosed with a different type of tumor, a very rare one, called a desmoid. I gained something too. A knowledge that I couldn’t keep going on doing the same things I always had and expect to be fulfilled. My life which looked incredibly glamorous on the socials, was hiding the fact that I had become aware I needed to find more meaning. To build a life that I would look back on with deep pride. I didn’t know how, I just knew the voice was getting louder in my head.

So while I kept on living the excitement and fun of New York, I started investing in finding myself. Gaining knowledge and skills. For a year I balanced my Corporate gig with Health Coach training. For another six months it was Yoga Teacher training. Meanwhile, I took advantage of my NYC location to activate my wanderlusting soul.


Do you hear that voice? The one that says, Is this it? Am I making an impact on the world? Leaving it a better place than I found it? Have a feeling that you’re playing safe and small when you’re here to be so much more? That voice inside of me kept getting louder. Even when I was head hunted back to Sydney in a role as MD of the largest single office in the land. Despite the fact I said yes, the voice just got louder.

Less than 12 months later, my old friend anxiety paid me a visit. The heart racing, the laying awake at night, the sallow skin, the drinking too much to numb the stress. All back. The desmoid tumor in my leg which is on a ‘watch and see’ regime, started hurting for the first time. Something had to change.

That’s when a beautiful soul, my now doTERRA leader got in touch with me. She asked if I would be open to hearing about how essential oils could support my health and well being. I had heard of oils of course, I use to burn them in the 80’s. We even covered doTERRA during my health coaching training. That said, I didn’t really understand the transformation pure grade essential oils could, and ultimately would bring to my life. After talking to her, I knew one thing for sure. I had to give them a try. So, I ordered the Nature’s Solution kit, plus a few more oils for good measure and just like that - my life changed.

At first it was small but important things, like relief from stress and better sleep. Then the bigger transformation began. I started to feel a passion and fire in my belly for sharing this gift and before I knew it, I was off building a side hustle. My going through the motions life took on so much more purpose. Meanwhile my health went from strength to strength, with sleep, energy, better skin, healthier gums, less pain and inflammation all being side effects. My soul and my work were finally coming closer into alignment. I believe that our biggest obstacles are sign posts to the right direction.

Juggling the huge corporate role & side hustle wasn’t easy. One of my go to support systems was my kinesiologist. An energy healer. She is the wonderful woman that posed the question to me ‘how do you want to feel every day’? When the words flew out of my mouth ‘lit up and liberated’ we both knew it was a life defining moment. I had found my mission. To not only feel more of that myself, but to inspire and empower others to do the same. To feel it too.

At the end of 2018, I found my courage and walked out of my multiple 6 figure Advertising career. doTERRA had gifted me a pathway to unleashing my entrepreneurship (I’m a full time wellpreneur!). With the space to pursue what that meant, my unique business offering began to take shape. I launched Yvette Mayer Wellbeing, a health coaching and consulting business specialising in corporates. In this capacity, I leverage my corporate nous and wellbeing credentials to deliver coaching programs, training sessions, workshops, consulting projects and accountability systems, that deliver positive outcomes.

I’m passionate about spreading the joy, purpose and wellbeing far and wide. Speaking engagement enquiries are welcome!

Oh and PS, please don’t go burning doTERRA essential oils, that will damage their purity. On the other hand, a good quality diffuser will ensure pure particles of your essential oils will be released into the air, providing therapeutic benefit. Plus, intercepting negative airborne pathogens, cleansing the surround air/room!

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When you have no hair but you smile for the camera anyway

As you strangle your much loved puppy!

Professional Bio

A seasoned advertising professional, Yvette’s career began straight out of high school. Over almost 30 years, she worked her way up to Managing Director of the largest single media agency office in Australia. In parallel, after a breast cancer diagnosis, in 2010, her interest in health and wellness led her to studying health coaching and yoga teaching. In late 2017, she discovered doTERRA essential oils and her passion for the products (and their benefits) led to her developing a ‘side’ business.

With doTERRA, Yvette transferred her marketing skills, passion for people and leadership experience to enormous success, quickly growing a large team. Her vulnerable and inclusive style have been a mainstay, and are particularly relevant in how she approaches her business. She uses her experience with loss and rediscovery to inspire and champion hope and possibility. This energy is contagious and self development is a regularly reported side effect from her customers and team.

At the end of 2018, Yvette hung up her ‘corporate’ boots, to fully invest herself into the health and wellbeing arena she is so passionate about. She has since launched herself as a Health Coach and specialist in corporate coaching and consultancy. In this capacity, she offers a myriad of services including one on one coaching, group programs and wellbeing focussed experiences.

Never at a loss for words, Yvette especially enjoys public speaking. From one on one coaching to workshops, and large corporate speaking engagements, you will appreciate her natural enthusiasm and tell it like it is approach.