Hi there, thanks so much for paying me a visit, I'm Yvette.  

Up until September 2010 I lived a pretty great life, devoid of any big challenges (if you don't count men into the equation, I'm still working on that one!).  In fact I kind of thought I  was one of the lucky ones who would likely cruise through life never having to face any significant tragedy or hardship.  Of course this was extremely naive. If there's one thing for certain,  nothing is for certain.

Since then, I've learned many of lifes tough lessons first hand. Trauma comes into all of our lives in many shapes and sizes. For me that meant a breast cancer diagnosis (mastectomies and chemotherapy), my father succumbing to alcoholism, losing my dear friend to breast cancer and being diagnosed with another tumor (a desmoid tumor, which is a pain but thankfully non malignant). All in very quick succession.

Rather than shrink from the heavy hits, I decided this was my calling to step up and be a different and better me. To focus on not what I've lost, but on all that I have. To live a happy and fulfilled life right now and not wait for the future which is beyond my control.  In the process I began to realize that what I most want to do while I do that is help others be their happiest and healthiest too.

In 2015 I completed training as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In 2016 I took on yoga teaching and have recently completed my 200 hours. I still work in the corporate world but am gradually amassing skills to be able to help other busy women (and people!) find better health and balance in their lives.

Whether you are coming out of a major trauma or simply need a health reset, I believe my no nonsense, uplifting spirit can help you find your best self.  I'm currently living in North Bondi, in Sydney Australia. Welcome to my world of embracing the good stuff.