Do you love to travel? Me too!

Do you love to travel? Me too!

I've made sure to do plenty of it in my life thus far.

I must admit though, the exciting adventure is all too often accompanied by pesky jet-lag and when unlucky a few more ailments to negotiate your way through on top.

A friend asked me, which essential oils I recommend she take on her next big trip away. I got busy typing out an email. Before I knew it, I had covered the top 10 oils. Yes, I take them all with me on my travels, plus a few extra's for good measure!

In pursuit of healthy cells!

I sometimes wonder why my body and my cells decided to go rogue. I mean, at what point, did a few of my little cells decide to jump ship and be officially pronounced abnormal? Yes, this post is largely about breast cancer!

To be fair, it’s not the only time I’ve had problems with my cells running amok.

I have another abnormal cell situation with a rare tumor (called a desmoid) in my upper thigh/pelvis area. This one is on a wait and see program. In good news, it’s smaller now than when I first found it.

I didn't know what would happen

I didn't know what would happen

When I bought essential oils from doTERRA last November, I just thought, I hope they help. I hope they help with my sleep challenges, my stress levels & if they could please also help the achy desmoid tumor in my leg disappear (or even just stop hurting), well that would be ace.

To be fair, since having been diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, I’ve been drawn like a magnet to natural & holistic health. I’m all for modern medicine, I’ve benefited greatly. But, the toxic load on our lives and bodies freaks me out. So, my inclination is to turn to low (or no) tox solutions, to integrate the best of modern and holistic support to strengthen my resilience.

When I bought a doTERRA kit of oils, I didn’t know what would happen.

Your essential oils intro AUDIO class, 35 minutes from me to you :)

Your essential oils intro AUDIO class, 35 minutes from me to you :)

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Me too! So, I thought it was a great idea to run an intro to essential oils class podcast style. Here in a short 35 minute audio file I introduce you to why I started using essential oils, what they are and give you a quick run through the top 10 essential oils we (at doTERRA) recommend for every household. 

Breast cancer specific Essential Oils intro class (audio only) - please share!

This recording is of an Essential Oils one on one chat I had with a fellow breast cancer survivor. She didn't love being recorded, so it's mostly just me talking!

This isn't the standard class format, I don't even talk about what essential oils are, or why doTERRA. That being said, I hope it's helpful. If you're a breast cancer survivor and would like to learn more, please get in touch with me - my email is

One thing I want to make clear - Clary Sage/Clary Calm are very potent and you need to be careful using them if you've had a hormonal breast cancer. Do your research, ask your Doctor and trust your intuition..

Please enjoy listening to my dog bark and me discuss my vacant love life. Typical Yvette Mayer over share. Vulnerability in action.

What's your why?

What's your why?

Since taking on my essential oils side hustle I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself. It’s a part of the journey that’s not negotiable, if you plan to succeed - and I do. Investing yourself into multi level marketing is not for the feint of heart. There’s a social stigma attached and that aspect alone is enough to scare off most. Personally, one of my greatest drivers in life is (and always has been) being ‘liked’. Imagine then, putting myself out there into an environment where many will judge and question my motives, say no to me, or worse, turn off me. I tell you, it’s character building stuff.

Early on, I learned that the best way to rise to this type of challenge is to have a clear, strong WHY. As in a reason, so extremely motivating that it trumps everything else. Fact is, if you know why you’re doing something and it’s genuinely heart felt, important, life changing and soul inspiring, then…and only then… you have every chance of success.

How I'm using Essential Oils to manage Cancer & Desmoid side effects (and hopefully even more!)

Whilst doing yoga this morning and during savasana, when I 'should' have been quieting my mind, instead I was inspired to write this post!  The reason being, I couldn't wait to get home to apply my essential oils to my desmoid tumor, which was experiencing some discomfort. For the record, I rubbed in some frankincense and copaiba (along with coconut oil) on arrival and voila, no discomfort. Then I got to thinking, these oils are giving me so much relief to a lot of cancer and desmoid related side effects, that this post simply must be written. So here I am!

I'm going to start with the support for breast cancer side effects and then move on to desmoid tumor. Something for everyone? Not really, but I know some of you will be very interested to hear this.

Too good NOT to share offer if doTERRA is calling you!

This is not my typical blog post, but I am busy busting through blocks right now so here goes. 

There is an incredible offer on doTERRA right now where you can save hundreds of $ in your first couple of months. Plus if you order right, you get an extra Frankincense worth $114 RRP.

I found myself sending an email to a few of my nearest and dearest who I know will at some point invest in oils.  Then I thought, this has a lot of information, I should really share!  So here is the details on some of the ways you can get started with doTERRA. I've included the best value (especially best value through to end of Jan 15, 2018), as well as cheapest, and a couple in between.