Hi, I’m Yvette and I’m keen to help you with that!

In November 2017, my health was bottoming out. I was burnt out, not sleeping well, over thinking, basically stressed to the max. As a breast cancer survivor, I was also quietly freaking out that my busy-ness (working as a corporate MD), was possibly doing me physical harm. My vigilance with living a low-tox life had also slipped and I knew this was a problem. Enter a fateful call from a fellow BC survivor, introducing me to the wonderful world of doTERRA. I bought the Nature's solution kit, added a few items for my family and proclaimed “I will just be a customer”. When the kit arrived, I set about resetting my health and home. The just being a customer thing didn't last long! Before I knew it, I was feeling tonnes better in myself and frankly brimming with excitement about the whole thing. Plus my friends & family were commenting that I was glowing. Glowing?! Hell yeah to that. So I started sharing. Then building a business. Soon I was changing lives too. That's when I decided that it was about time I created myself a new life. A life that made me feel lit up & liberated. So that's what I'm inviting you to do too. Come for the oils, stay for the ride, you wont look back, that's a promise.


These little bottles will change your life


I call Yvette my super hero! Why? My teenage daughter struggles with anxiety. On our last overseas holiday, thanks to Yvette we made up a blend of oils to calm our nervous flyer. What an incredible difference it made. It helped us all set off on our adventure on the right foot!
— Maree M

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