Why you need to give your new years resolutions the flip

One week has passed since 2016 commenced and you likely set your new years resolutions. Like you, I also spent time considering this years pledges to myself. But then I realized something. Every year, my resolutions are actually the same. And while they may appear in a long list, there is only one resolution. I suspect you fall in to the same trap. You make the same agreements with yourself. Let's boil it down.

This year, I am going to ....... be more disciplined in looking after myself.  

Yes, it may masquerade in the form of saving money, eating better, getting fit. But it's all the same. One resolution. And you have to admit, it's not all that motivating when you boil it down like this. Where is the fun in being more disciplined?  Is that really what you want this year to be about?

Further, if this is your one resolution every year what does that say?  That you lack discipline? Well, I don't think so. It's just that life isn't that straight forward. Sometimes it's more challenging than others to exercise the d word.  Other times it's just not your priority. And that's ok. 

I realized this. For me at least, setting new years resolutions that centralize around discipline only set me up for failure. What I mean by that is give me reason to mentally chastise myself to a degree.  And this year, that is not how I want to live my life. This year, I want to flip it all around and give myself a different kind of resolution.  So here it is, my 2016 one new years resolution.

This year, I promise to be kind to myself.

Already I am loving this shift in mindset. It's one thing and it's enough. It's encouraging me to be proud of myself, to forgive myself and to quieten negative self chatter. Nothing short of a revelation!

I'm wondering if you would benefit from a resolution flip too. Even if you don't want to consolidate, how about to you do some positive re-writing. From 'lose weight' to gain 'body confidence'. From 'exercise more' to 'enjoy using my body more'. These are far more motivating, don't you think?

So go ahead, flip your resolutions. Enjoy!