So much joy in these little bottles


As you know from my last post, I've started using and sharing doTERRA essential oils. I'm sure you could sense my enthusiasm and excitement for these products. But I have to say, two weeks later I'm here to report I've hit a new high - a high called joy.

It's been a while since I felt this 'lit up' it kind of reminds me of falling in love. How cool is that?! I use the oils all day (diffusing, flavoring, rubbing into my feet, my face, my entire body to be honest). Which is actually what this picture is of.  Three of my favorite oils and some fractionated coconut oil (FCO).  Every day now, I emerge from the shower, mix up a few drops of these oils with FCO and literally smooth the mixture over my entire body.  It feels and smells like heaven. This week, a friend grabbed me by the arm and pulled back saying 'what is going on with your arms, they are so soft!'. Alerted to this fact, I can report, oh my word, my skin has literally NEVER been softer.

I've long been passionate about health and wellness.  In 2017, however, after the big move home from NY, life just got completely on top of me. Changing cities, businesses, homes, peoples, yoga studios, weather and more is a huge deal. There were moments of regret, periods of intense anxiety, lots of exhaustion and sleep deprivation issues just to name a few challenges. Also this year, I had a weird scan of my desmoid tumor which I've been playing down and yet very worried about concurrently. Rather than growing, it is shape shifting. With words like avidly enhancing on the report I just don't know what to think. 

So, I guess it's not surprising that I'm incredibly drawn to all things health and wellness related. Especially those that could help support me through times of physical and emotional challenge. I basically signed right up for doTERRA after a phone call, and without too much consideration. 

What is surprising is that I didn't sign up and get on with using them and hoping for positive shifts.. Instead, almost on arrival, I found myself obsessively learning everything about both Essential Oils and doTERRA.  In the process, what started as a product has become much more of a passion. I went from: "I'll probably just be a customer" to, "I want to share these products with everyone I know" in no time. Well maybe two weeks. But still.

I'm finding myself happier than I've been in some time. The perfect antidote to my corporate world is a passion that's quite the opposite. One that calms me, brings me back to myself and frankly feels like fun. Even though, given I'm sharing, it's kind of like work in that I get paid.  What?! Yes, I get paid, honestly I've spent way more on Oils than I've earned but I would have done that anyway!

So as I finish the year, I'm loving thinking  'seems this is the plot twist you weren't expecting in 2017'. Looking into 2018, I'm hoping the story continues to unfold in all the most heart filled ways. Stay tuned.

If you want a little bit of essential oils education, I'm your woman. Drop me an email, or visit the Essential Oils page of my profile to find out more. 2018 -> I'm coming at you with a big fat smile on my face!