Recovering from heartbreak and it feels so good!

Grief is a tough part of life and one that we all experience at some point.  Although if you flip it, not experiencing grief would surely mean you've had nothing to lose. Which is worse right? Anyway, back to grief.  I've been there.

Six and a half months ago I waved goodbye to New York City after calling it home for five years. In retrospect I now realise living there was more than a dream, it was a love affair. Filled with excitement, liberation, intense joy, and that heady feeling that just makes you smile.  Yes I have completely romanticized it and there were disappointments at times too. Not many though!

I haven't written a word on this blog since leaving. I just haven't felt the urge. Or like I'm the right person to dish out embracing the good stuff type inspiration. It's not because I don't love Sydney and being back close to my family.  It's because, leaving New York broke my heart and it's taken a rather long time to mend.

In good news, if you wait long enough, hearts recover. You start to accept the new normal, bit by bit until suddenly, your old friend happiness sneaks back into your life. You just have to let time pass.

Adjusting to a new company after 17 years, moving countries, homes and leaving dreams adds up to a lot to take. Stressful much? I can report yes much. Until it passes.  Just recently the stress has began to fade. Guess what's in it's place? Joy. Yes, joy. This week in particular I have felt my heart truly swelling. Which led me back to this blog.

It's time. Time to look forward, to celebrate life and living in the most beautiful city in the world. Spring is in the air and in my step. There is soooooo much good stuff in my life and I'm looking forward to sprinkling some of it back on to this blog.  When I have time, that is.  Because sitting on my computer is no where near as fab as walking along Bondi beach at sunrise. 

The snap here is of my nieces on a recent weekend road trip. Quality time with them is one of many experiences that have helped me heal.

So this is what I've learned. Hearts mend. Sydney is the best city in the world (well lets say equal first with NY). I love the beach. I'm good at my new job  (new girl no more). HIIT training is good for my strength. Yoga and running are still my favorites. I love decorating like it's a second job. Every day is a blessing, every year I'm alive is a good one. I am loved.  And finally.....embracing the good stuff actually works.