Start before you're ready + an apology to subscribers

Spirit Junkie

I hope like me you're dreaming up a future project of some sort. It's thoroughly stimulating to push boundaries and limits when it comes to what you aim to achieve in life. When I started thinking about following my passion for health and nutrition I had no idea where it would lead. I still don't. But I find with action comes traction. Which is a little like believing you don't need to be ready to start. This is particularly true with a website or blog. 

When six weeks ago I felt compelled to launch a website focussed on my future career endeavours I didn't really have a clue what to do. But after plenty of time with my good buddy Google I just got started. I'm quite sure this site will never be finished anyway, it will evolve as I do. And so will you!

But with that comes stumbling blocks. The latest for me is trying to figure out how to get the subscribe function working.  Unfortunately the platform I'm using doesn't make it super easy. But I am all about starting anyway. So yesterday I set up a seperate newsletter account with an RSS feed type thing that's supposed accomplish this task (care of mail chimp). Only I don't know if I did it right.

So to all my lucky (haha) subscribers - you know who you are - I wanted to say a little apology in advance. You may or may not recieve this post as an email. If you do, I've got no clue what it will look like. So sorry (not sorry). That I'm afraid goes with the territory.

In other starting before you're ready news in two weeks I will be embarking on the Spirit Junkie Master Class with Gabrielle Bernstein here in NY. I'm terrified, primarily as I don't think of myself as deaply spiritual. That being said, the call was for healers and that is something I totally reasonate with. So, once again it's time to make myself uncomfortable - so off I go. 

Waiting to be ready can absolutely disuade you from chasing your biggest dreams. Starting on the other hand propels you forward, no matter what the outcome. Stumbling and falling are all part of the great tapestry of finding your purpose in life  Whatever you want to bring forward, there really is no time like the present to start. So dream big and keep taking those all important small steps. Momentum may be closer than you think.