Tribes and friendship

The word tribe has become super popular as a descripter of close knit groups in recent years. But what does it actually mean? And what is the difference between your tribe and your friends (if there even is one)? 

I've been thinking about this a lot after spending my weekend with a group I feel honored to call my tribe.  They are my #iguanatribe christened when we met on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, at the Iguana Lodge. We just attended the Wanderlust yoga festival in Squaw Valley together and there was something incredibly magical about this coming back together. Trust and intimacy increased. Bonds were strengthened, love blossomed. It felt like being with your tribe should. Easy, fun, deep and powerful.

Honestly, I have a lot of friends who I value and love dearly. In fact I regularly use the term 'best friend' to describe one of maybe 10 people. These friends have come in to my life at different times over the course of it. Starting from when I was at school, growing through my career in Sydney and even further living in NY. Women who know me intimately, strengths and weaknesses and love me unconditionally. When I think of them, they really are like family. But they are not all linked together, some just through me. So while my love for them could be called tribal, they don't operate as one tribe so to speak. I think of them as my tribe but it's different to the kind of tribe that develops through shared passions. That's the kind of tribe this post is more about.

I feel incredibly fortunate that since moving to New York I've become a part of two of these 'shared passion' style tribes. The first was my triathlon training buddies who over time morphed into my close friends. Now this group of yoga lovers too. When you think about it, the common activities are really playing the role of rites and rituals, hence the word tribe.

As I am focussed on love this year, I am very aware of the love I feel for these tribes. The fact is human connection is the most important thing our lives (I guess food, water and air are pretty high up too!). But seriously, nothing feels as good as growing bonds. 

I hope this post inspires you to think about your own tribes. And maybe inspire you to build more too. The how is easier than you think. Figure out what you are most passionate about. Find a group that share your passions. It may start out feeling like a club or even a commitment, but if you are very lucky, in time you will get that feeling. That feeling called love. It's so worth it.