Primary food delivery

This post was inspired by my instagram feed this morning.

When I started studying with Integrative Nutrition this year, I had no idea that it would have such a huge impact on my life beyond the ‘healthy food’ arena. I pretty quickly learned, however, their philosophy goes well beyond nutrition. In fact, IIN calls actual food secondary and prioritizes primary food…which is nourishment of a different nature.  Specifically: spirituality, relationships, physical activity and career.  

Right off the bat I was acutely aware that in terms of my own primary food, there were some gaps. Secondary food I was doing incredibly well on. I do have the physical activity part nailed. My career is set to evolve due to my studies. Spirituality needed some work and I’ve done it (thanks Gabby Bernstein). But the big gap for me was in the relationship area. At least in the part of significant other as I consider my relationships with my family and friends very strong.

I have to say I am very used to being on my own. I like (love) my life as it is. I don’t feel like I need a man to complete me. Plus after the ravages of breast cancer on my body I pretty much decided to close the shop. Sure I had the odd date, but my heart wasn’t really in it.  So overall I initially resisted this nudge to create change. But I'm glad I didn't.

On new years Eve 2014/2015, I made a vow. After spending my year in 2014 focused on gratitude, I decided that 2015 would be about love.  Not just about romantic love but continually reminding myself that love is the greatest gift of all. That seeing all things with love makes the world look better. I also committed to myself that I would try a lot harder to date.  

So I have been dating more this year. I met a couple of guys I thought I quite liked.  One I went out with three times even.  And then, out of nowhere,  along comes the guy I have been dating near on two months. Like I blinked and had a man in my life!

It’s very early days but it’s promising. The chemistry and connection are undeniably good.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Breast cancer does NOT equal dating suicide. My body is not so nearly as ravaged as I thought. It is stepping up to the challenge quite nicely actually. And it feels good. Really good.  Seems it just took the right guy for me to let my guard down enough to realize. To be fair this right guy also had cancer recently (prostate) and that made the letting down of said guard that much easier.

My life was very excellent without a ‘love interest’. But I'm finding there's a lot of fun to be had with one in the mix. Thanks IIN!