If you lose don't lose the lesson

Let's just cut right to the chase. My promising relationship is no more. The truth is, my intuition was telling me that something felt off. However, because of the connection & chemistry I ignored it. I told myself I have trust issues from past hurt (I have been thoroughly betrayed before). As the story goes, I should have gone with my gut, I now realize it was way ahead of my heart and head. Turns out the guy in question wasn't just having connection & chemistry with me.......It took me until after we officially called it quits to join all of the dots, but now I am certain I was dealing with what I think you could call a player. Two cities, two women. My heart = big ouch.

It's been a couple of days since I put it together and it's taken all my strength to try and see this through a lens of love. I am chanting to myself "I forgive him, I release my feelings for him and I set him free". Hopefully in time I will come to mean it. Because I do want happiness for all beings, I really do.

I remain grateful for the experience because it opened my eyes up to the "ready for love" person I remain. I am hopeful that the Universe has a much better plan for me, and this was all part of the journey to get there. Surely, it's time for me to be lucky in love now? Surely!

So what can I learn from all of this?  Here's what I've got figured out so far;

  • I am awesome and it's going to take an awesome man to be with me
  • If somebody tells you they are not awesome, you should believe them
  • My intuition is exemplery
  • If you are dating someone for 2.5 months and haven't connected with them on social media, they are likely hiding something (and it could be you)
  • A night spent hanging with one of his children may not mean things are getting serious (shocking but true)
  • I am ready for love
  • I should not post about my love life until it's more concrete ;)
  • This too shall pass (excitement, fun, even dark thoughts)
  • The sun will always rise and set again..........