Follow your bliss

How beautiful is this pic?  It was taken in Bali 3.5 years ago on one of my best friends wedding trips.  I love Bali. I love my friends. This trip was very special, blissful even.

I have the word bliss and specifically the concept of following your bliss on my mind. Which is a good thing, because I was completely side stepped from my path this week then was snapped right back onto it after recieving a message from the universe loud and clear last night.

This side stepping was going on because I am scared. You might even have got a whiff of this is in my last post when I stated I am not a deeply spiritual person. The real truth is, I am not comfortable with this part of me which has always been there but squashed down somewhat. Why? Because it makes me different to many of my nearest and dearest. Different in a roll your eyes and wonder what is Yvette up to now kind of way. So, because I have always had a strong desire to be liked, I wrestle internally with these thoughts and feelings and often keep them locked inside. Or more like I deny myself the opportunity to keep exploring the real me. 

All week I felt an increasing sense of panic about the Spiritual Master Class weekend intensive that I am doing next weekend. Like I don't belong there. Regret that I invested so much money on it (literally on a whim) and even a little annoyed with myself for doing so. I spoke to a friend yesterday about all these thoughts going on inside me and we agreed that if I am not enjoying it I should just write the money off and leave. Deep down I knew I would do no such thing but my fear was literally running away from me.

But, the universe had other plans. A couple of months ago I got chatting to a guy at a party who soon after got in touch and suggested I watch a movie called 'Finding Joe' without any explanation. Because we connected and I liked him I decided to definitley watch it. I never really got around to it though. Then when I saw him during the week I promised that this weekend I absolutely would.

I now recognize I didn't watch it before because last night was EXACTLY when I needed to. It literally explained how I was feeling and explained why its so important for me to rise above my fear. I realized it's time for me to stop shying away from my truth. To release my strong desire to fit in, and to be OK with fitting out instead.  I am in fact a deeply spiritual person. Not in the religious sense, but in the belief that I am guided. 

The concept of following your bliss is not news to me. In fact it's not too far of a jump from embracing the good stuff - which is pretty much the essence of my approach to health and happiness. Joe is in fact Joseph Campbell and he has said such wise words as "Find a place where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain".  Familiar sentiment much?

If you haven't watched Finding Joe I can only hope I've inspired you to do so. I want you to follow your bliss too.  This is the REALLY good stuff.