The overwhelming emotion of following your heart


I cried again today. Happy tears. Lately, this welling of the eyes has become a regular occurrence. I’m pretty confident it means, I’m on the right track.

I’m just a week shy of leaving my 30 year long corporate career, to focus on my passion for health and wellness (via my doTERRA business). As my business develops, I’m regularly having aha moments, that remind me of why this “risk” is so worth taking. Moments that make my heart explode and my eyes water. Who knew work could feel like this?! These moments are typically, my team expanding into new levels of confidence and happiness. Empowering other women to new levels of success is kinda intoxicating, trust me.

As we move into 2019, I’ve started a list of how my every day is about to change. I know making such a huge shift will come with roller coaster moments. So, to break it down (and keep me sane), I’m life designing what I’m planning to do more and less of. I figure by continually coming back to this and staying the course, success is inevitable.

Thinking it through, I realised how powerful it is, so I’m here to encourage you to do the same. Even without making a huge change, micro shifts can definitely help you feel happier. So get working on how you want your coming year to change, all the little details, that will add up to more fulfillment.

Here’s mine:

Less of:

👉time killing, waiting for time to pass to get to an ‘end’

👉sitting in traffic

👉’doing’ work I’ve been tasked with

👉numbing with food and alcohol

👉being too busy to do what’s important

👉sitting at a desk, in an office

👉lagging on my personal admin (see too busy!)

👉buying of things

👉dressing for an office

👉working 24/7 (2018 was the year of 2 jobs)

👉skipping work outs (too tired, too busy)

👉eating for convenience (also please reduce your Uber eats bill Mayer!)

👉time spent indoors

👉worrying about what others think

👉indulging in self doubt

👉tense shoulders

👉feeling out of alignment


More of:

💕fostering and building deep connections

💕being of service, helping others

💕creating work I’m proud of

💕passion and purpose in my every day

💕writing (creation!)

💕yoga & meditation

💕outdoor exercise

💕working from spaces that inspire me

💕supporting my family (time and resources)

💕travel and exploring, experiences over things

💕being in nature, the ocean especially

💕organising my life, feeling on top of it

💕happy tears, major gratitude

💕being a role model for health and wellness

💕empowering women to chase freedom and joy

💕team and culture building


💕cooking, or at least pulling food together!

💕entertainment, going to the cinema (I’ve missed it)

💕leisure wear 😂



💕heart expansion

💕belief in myself

💕healthy living, doTERRA enabled ;)


It’s such an exciting time for me, but yes it’s also scary! But you know what? I’m part of an awesome team and we’re in this together. Together, we’re transforming our lives, expanding, leveling up, over coming obstacles and welcoming more like minded women.

Tell me, would you like to create a life that makes you feel lit up and liberated? I would love to chat to you if you’re thinking, hell yes. This business isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a go getter, with a passion for freedom, flexibility, health and helping others, it could be right for you. If you’re still reading you should totally, click here to find out more.