To Whole30 or not?!


Earlier this year I bought the book 'It Starts with Food' (about the program the Whole30) amongst others while I was working my way through health coaching studies. Most of these books are actually still sitting on my book shelf unread.  It turned out that between working full time and studying, adding load to related content was more than I could manage.  Then there was the fact that I was not eating meat or chicken given that this approach to food is quite paleo like (meat, chicken, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds).

Now that I have re-introduced all of the above, my curiosity was piked to pick this particular book up. I've had a couple of friends do the program and report great results (increased energy, digestion and sleep).  I also like that it focusses on whole foods and in particular foods that add to your health not detract from it. For the record off the menu is milk, cheese, sugar in any form, processed anything, grains, breads, all flour except almond flour, butter, alcohol, smoothies and more. 

Like a bull at a gate I decided I should start today. Except then I realized I have only part read the book, have not organized myself grocery shopping wise and it's kind of extreme for someone who only just started to eat meat again.

So instead, this week I will make time to read it and thoroughly let it all sink in. If I still feel drawn to it I'm going to start next Monday. Nothing like the beginning of the working week to kick off a fresh start after all! That will also give me time to get organized.

By the way, I love carbs (healthy ones like quinoa and brown rice) and sugar so this is going to be challenging if I do indeed proceed.  Overall I still believe in moderation rather than extreme. I do not intend to change my diet radically long term. But I'm interested enough I think to use myself as a research project for 30 days. A good experience for a health coach for sure.

Doing the Whole30 challenge would no doubt be easier with support from others.  Others who are also challenging themselves with the program in particular. If you have been attracted to the Whole30 in the past and would also like to do it in company, let me know. I'm in the market for a challenge buddy!