Just like in recovery 'it works if you work it'


In my last post I talked about manifestation and committed to a 2+ minute daily practice. Each day I would visualize and deeply feel my future excellent life unfold.  Today I'm back to report on my progress.  It's a mixed bag.

Week one was a big success.  Both because I genuinely felt more optimistic and also I noticed actual signs of success. I think I was experiencing endorphins as a result of my heart swelling visualizations!  Amazing right?! Which meant my personal vibe actually increased. At least I think that is how I best explain what happened. What happened was more of the type of opportunities needed to live into my dreams appearing before my eyes. People, invitations, informations. That sort of thing.

Week two started off fine, I was feeling pretty invicible in fact.  But then it took a turn in the wrong direction. Work travel kicked off in abundance.  I was living life on a schedule and it wasn't mine. My practice waned. So did my high vibing. Habits are slippery creatures like that. Just when you think you have them under control, boom, the suckers are off!

I know I could have carved out 2 minutes every day no matter what. Whilst I'm a little dissapointed I didn't, I also realize that there's no better time than right now to re-committ.  This time with even more confidence in the processs.

For the record, I don't have a check box list to measure my success. It's much more about a feeling. My short experiment showed me that feeling exists in side of me.  I just have to remember to feed it. It's work I'm very prepared to do. How about you?