I didn't know what would happen


When I bought essential oils from doTERRA last November, I just thought, I hope they help. I hope they help with my sleep challenges, my stress levels & if they could please also help the achy desmoid tumor in my leg disappear (or even just stop hurting), well that would be ace.

To be fair, since having been diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, I’ve been drawn like a magnet to natural & holistic health. I’m all for modern medicine, I’ve benefited greatly. But, the toxic load on our lives and bodies freaks me out. So, my inclination is to turn to low (or no) tox solutions, to integrate the best of modern and holistic support to strengthen my resilience.

When I bought a doTERRA kit of oils, I didn’t know what would happen.

I didn’t know, I wasn’t just buying oils, but joining an incredible company. A company that has a philanthropic soul and a deeply conscious & caring approach to sourcing and producing the highest quality essential oils available. That this company would inch by inch, reach deep into my heart and change my life.

I’ve just returned from the 2018 doTERRA global convention, with 35,000+ other people like me. People who want more natural solutions to support their health and family. That believe in the power of nature & are passionate about sharing what works for them to help others.

During convention, I witnessed doTERRA donate $5m USD to the Huntsman Women’s Institute for Cancer. Heard direct from female growers in Kenya (of Pink Pepper oil - amazing), who were left widowed and poverty stricken, who’ve had their lives transformed. I watched in excitement as new products like Turmeric oil & Yarrow oil were released - that are proving effective to support the body with problems like high blood pressure, central nervous system repair and improved immune function. Along with targeted kids oil blends for things like bravery, calming, thinking and feeling strong.

If you’re skeptic, it’s only a matter of time until you change your mind. The latest independent research is nothing short of incredible. Roseman University (of Health Science) took us through their findings and confirmed what I already know. There is not a person in my life, who wouldn’t benefit from pure grade essential oils. That doTERRA oils are superior in quality and more effective than the rest. Did I mention that Roseman began their research in secret, without doTERRA’s knowledge?!

Back to little ole me. Well, everything has changed, for the better. I’m sleeping easier, strong as an ox and that pesky (non malignant) tumor has stopped causing me any discomfort whatsoever. My skin is brighter and clearer. I’m filled with passion and excited about what’s next. Meanwhile, I’ve helped introduce essential oils into 230 homes…….and counting.

If you’ve been thinking, maybe I could do with a helping hand, perhaps now is a good time to get in touch? There’s no long term commitment. You don’t have to sign up to an ongoing order. You can just send a message or email me and we will figure out the best way to get you started. Easy.