Your essential oils intro AUDIO class, 35 minutes from me to you :)

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Me too! So, I thought it was a great idea to run an intro to essential oils class podcast style. Here in a short 35 minute audio file I introduce you to why I started using essential oils, what they are and give you a quick run through the top 10 essential oils we (at doTERRA) recommend for every household. 

Although sorry - I accidentally only covered 9 of the top 10 oils. Please know that in addition to the 9 oils I talk about here, there's another blend. One of my favorites - Ice Blue, which is the soothing blend. I use it constantly for sore muscles and joints.  I mainly talk about the Home Essential Kit in this class, which should include Ice Blue as well!

Let me know if you want to jump on a call or skype/face time to get more tailored information on oils for you and your family.  I would be thrilled to help!

If you live overseas, it's all good too. doTERRA is a Global business, headquartered in the USA. I mentioned the Home Essential Kit is $330 here, that's the Aussie price. It's $275 USD.  These are wholesale prices, which you get by joining (the joining fee of $35 is waived if you buy this kit).

PS -  if you just want to jump online and order away, you can do that too here is how: 

1. Head to:

2. Click button at the top of page that says - join and save

3. Use drop box to select shipping to the relevant country

4. Select local (OTG) order for that country

5. Click on join as Wellness Advocate (you can also click on Wholesale account, all the discounts are the same, the only difference is if you ever decided to share in the future you can't make $ on the Wholesale option).  There's no risk or commitment in signing as Wellness Advocate so I always recommend doing so.  Good thing is if you end up sharing the oily goodness, you are set up to earn commission. Warning - you will most likely spend the money or buying more oils, that's the norm!

6. Fill in the personal and shipping detail info

7. Once in, click on Enrollment kits and pick the Home Essentials - and check out.   You might want to buy a Fractionated coconut oil while you're there for diluting too.

8. It will ask you to sign up for LRP, just skip that for now and I will explain later when your oils have arrived. It's a very awesome monthly ordering program that helps you get more value when you keep ordering.