Take care of you!

I am currently studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, learning to be a health coach (in today's news so is Pippa Middleton apparently!). The course load is roughly 5-7 hours per week for a year, with materials largely being video 'modules'.  These modules vary greatly, but my favorite ones are always the guest speakers, they are typically very inspiring as well as educational.

This week, the first two lectures were by Bernie Siegal MD. What an interesting character, I was mesmerized watching him. And his very aligned POV to my own made it even more compelling. Funny that, I am always drawn to the lecturers who most 'speak my language'. 

One thing that he talked about was how as coaches, our role is not to diagnose and treat illnesses. Our role is to coach people to nurture themself toward health and happiness. It shouldn't be hard, doing things that make us feel good should be easy. Leaning into health and happiness feels good.  Who knew?!

Which got me thinking about my own journey. I have had some amazing Doctors, oncologists and otherwise who have supported me through my health challenges. The best ones, do not see me as just a patient to treat, but as a person who deserves a happy life. But while they wish this for me and I deeply connect with them, they don't offer much in the way of the how. Me? I'm all about the how. Bernie too (even though he is a Dr so he diagnoses and treats too!).

On the how. Bernie literally (well almost) said you have to embrace the good stuff. The stuff that makes you feel good from the inside out. It was then that I realized why I've found it so easy to radically change my diet. The food I (mostly) eat now is not just tasty but good for me. I don't crave unhealthy food because the experience of eating such delicious plant powered fare is fulfilling in every way. I actually crave it....especially avocados. My name is Yvette Mayer and I am an #avocadoaddict. Oh and the farm fresh food pictured here is my weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) delivery. 

Of course this doesn't just apply to food. Healing is a total body and soul endeavour. The key to recovery is nourishment in all areas of your life. So think about it. How could you nourish yourself better? What small change can you make in your life that would nourish you more? Is it drinking more water? Eating more green vegetables? Saying I love you more frequently? Committing to walking for 20 minutes a day?  Whatever it is, the time to start doing it more regularly is now. And when you have that one thing under control, it's time to think again - what's another small change I can make? 

Through your whole life, it's your responsibility to be as healthy and happy as possible. Taking good care of you is not selfish, its selfless. It best positions you to show up with a smile on your face and give love back to the world around you. Be it for your kids, your spouse or the woman at the corner store, your light matters. Nourish yourself as a priority and you will have more of yourself to give.