Remember how I suggested picking your best 10 pictures from 2015?

Well the truth is, I tried and it was impossible. Thoroughly impossible. Instead, I ended up using Pic stich on my iPhone to participate in the #BestNine2015 on instagram. Only I didn't pick my best nine....rather I picked 18 awesome moments and 18 stunning scenes.

Did you attempt this challenge too? Did you fail like I did?  If you did, lets agree fail is the wrong word. It was actually a huge win, a great helicopter view of the best of times. For which I am grateful.

Which brings me to another topic. Four days ago I started the 40 day Gabby Bernstein May Cause Miracles guidebook. I was a little concerned that Yoga Teacher Training + this + eating Sakara delivery food (story for another time) was maybe a bite too much. But, it's not, it's literally 15 minutes a day. We can all find that.  During the 40 days, today and every Thursday's focus is gratitude. I can think of no better time than to share with you my best 36 pics of 2015.

If you like the idea of putting some intention toward releasing fear and embracing love, I recommend trying some Gabby. I like to think it helps you move from complying in life to thriving. And who doesn't want to thrive?!