Making lemonade (or green juice)

Last week my boss asked if I would be willing to join client meetings LA and Nashville this week (from NY). The schedule looked pretty tiring, given the amount of travel involved and the number of commitments. 

BUT, because I'm all about embracing the good stuff, I immediately said yes. In fact in my head I jumped forward to, why don't I make a weekend out of this opportunity and leave in 48 hours?

To be fair, I'm aware that I have a low level of responsibilities vs someone with a family. Right now, my biggest are to my dog Chilli Sparkles and to my health (and happiness). It's important I travel as it's so fulfilling for me. I didn't chose not to have kids, I always wanted them. But rather than fill my mind and heart with thoughts of that, I choose to open my eyes and arms wide up to what is available to me. Travel experiences are high on my good stuff list.

So, I booked a dog sitter and began researching my trip.

Given my flights and transfers would be picked up by my company much of the expense of the trip was taken care of. To further ensure it didn't break the bank, I booked an airbnb apartment in Santa Monica for $120 a night.  I had a feeling this part of LA would suit my healthy lifestyle. I was not dissapointed.

Santa Monica was AMAZING. I fell in love with the place. There are an abundance of yoga studios, juice bars, farmers markets, smiling faces, amazing restaraunts and of course the beach. Top of the list for me was a very tough Yoga class I did at Yoga Works on Main Street and the Kreation Juice bar/cafe. I highly recommend both. Walking on the beach at sunrise and sunset were also favorite moments.  As was eating and practicing yoga with my lovely LA based friends. By the end of my weekend moving cities was starting to take hold of my mind. Watch this space.

The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle) is a fantastic read and has influenced me enormously. Similarly, one of my favorite quotes of all time is - yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is the present treat it as a gift. I honor these words and sentiments routinely. Even more so after having breast cancer and seeing my beautiful friend pass away from the same disease.

This same wise friend also lived by the notion that 'experiences are more important than things'. Which I rather think we could all do well to remind ourselves of when the ego wants some retail therapy. 

Today's post is in honor of Nicole. I hope you it inspires you to live your life more fully. To take more trips and to embrace the good stuff every single day.