Do you love to travel? Me too!


There is so much to love about setting off exploring. It's practically my favorite thing ever. So I've made sure to do plenty of it in my life thus far.

I must admit though, the exciting adventure is all too often accompanied by pesky jet-lag and when unlucky a few more ailments to negotiate your way through on top.

A friend asked me, which essential oils I recommend she take on her next big trip away. I got busy typing out an email. Before I knew it, I had covered the top 10 oils. Yes, I take them all with me on my travels, plus a few extra's for good measure!

So, if you've got some travel coming up, here's what I had to say on the matter.

Make a natural disinfectant up in a spray bottle - Oregano, Tea Tree, Lemon and On Guard (protective blend) - just a couple of drops of each and then top off with filtered water. Apply on self, hands chest, back of neck to help immune stay strong. Also spray the tray table, anything else that you think could do with some germ rid.

Travel with lavender and frankincense to support sleep and the central nervous system - you can massage into temples, apply to soles of feet (enters bloodstream most quickly from there) and pulse points

Peppermint is great for a good wake up, so I definitely keep it on hand for early mornings and staying awake in meetings (werk travel)! You can make a spray/mist with it or just rub a drop between your hands and inhale.

doTERRA have a blend called Easy Air, which works well to manage sinus and congestion issues. I get a bit blocked up on long flights & in colder climates (skiing!), best way to apply is to tap it into sinuses and I will also mix with coconut oil and apply below nose and onto chest (like Vicks).

Lemon oil is great to travel with to help keep your liver humming, just add a drop or 2 to your water - great on the plane too to keep your system flushing.

If you get any pain from sleeping on the plane, sore neck etc, there is an oil called Ice Blue which is all about easing sore muscles.

Any issues with sore throat, feeling run down, the oil to turn to is Oregano - add a couple of drops to water and gargle. I will also take a shot of the same, tastes awful but it really helps. Only for the brave.

Last tip/oil is possibly the best one of all - an oil blend called DigestZen - amazing for heart burn, indigestion, bloating, tummy pain - all the evils that strike when you are eating on the go. You can massage it into your tummy for instant relief, or add a few drops to a glass of water. Or even take a drop under your tongue. Earlier this year I went on a convention trip and managed to go through a whole bottle of the stuff. Life saver.

Also, it may seem full on but trust me - you must travel with your diffuser. Get it cranking in your hotel room to cleanse the air of any germs & help you mange your jetlag (clue, lavender at night, peppermint in the morning).

All of the oils above, come in the Home Essentials kit, which is the kit most people get started with. It's Aussie $330, you get the top 10 oils (all featured above) and a diffuser.

I would also recommend adding a fractionated coconut oil, which is another $16.50. You will use this to dilute the oils before applying topically. The best way to do this on the go is to make up roller bottles up that are pre diluted. You will typically use 10% essential oils to 90% carrier oil eg coconut oil (for adults).

Also FYI - I don't have any troubles travelling with oils, I just put them into a plastic zip lock back and take in my carry on. Easy.

Make sure to DM me if you're keen to learn more or get yourself some of the good stuff.

More importantly.........have a great trip!