5 simple keys to happiness at work

Work (I mean career) has been on my mind a lot of late and has been finding its way into this blog, as a result. Which is kind of strange given that the sentiment is more about making sure you have a life filled with joy and working is not something that generally evokes that emotion.

Which has me thinking about why. Last week I was chatting to someone about this matter and I came out with this statement. "I'm enjoying my career right now, I'm doing work I'm proud of and getting a ton of positive reinforcement" and he responded with, "well yes that's how it's supposed to be".  And isn't that rather telling. It is just so damn simple.

Also last week, a guy I dated for a few months something like ten years ago got in touch to let me know he reads this blog. That it actually has had a significant impact on him, being something of an inspiration in making big life decisions. I couldn't have been happier to hear from him and those words were music to my ears.

For the most part I write about whatever is coming up for me and how I'm processing or dealing with it. I hope I help other people, in fact that's my sole motivation, I want to make a positive difference. My friends tell me they love my blog but I don't get a whole lot of positive reinforcement outside of their passing comments. Sometimes I wonder whether I should keep writing. I mean it feels good, but if I don't get feedback I'm not sure my "investment" is paying dividends.  So I beg of you, if you do get something out of this here blog please like my posts, comment or let me know in some other way. You see I need your positive reinforcement to stay motivated & inspired. In the same way I need this in my day job.

It's clear that there are some simple yet powerful basics here that can create huge shifts. Shifts that will influence how you can derive joy from what you are creating in this world (and in all work we are creating something). And I realized you don't even have to do something you love to find joy. Isn't that liberating?!

1.    Be productive, use the time you spend at/on your craft to do it well

2.    Take pride in it, remind yourself that what you are doing makes a difference (whether that's to the world at large or just the people you work with, your family, your clients - it all counts)

3.    Try to align your unique combination of skills with what you do each day

4.    Seek positive reinforcement, tell your peers, clients, boss's etc that positive feedback makes a big difference to your performance - BIG NOTE take the time to give this gift to those around you

5.    Have a big beautiful life outside of the work stuff, make sure to separate the two, take your vacation, create meaning in your relationships, have balance

I know this list is simple but I'm not saying it's easy. It is however achievable. A lot of it depends on you. If you're still not able to find some happy (work wise) when you take responsibility in this way perhaps it is time for change. So like I said in my last blog post stay open to that too.

Now go ahead and give me some of that positive reinforcement stuff please peeps! While you are at it, if there are any blogging topics you want me to think about for the future let me know. Your wish is my command.