Essential Oil hacks #101


It's official, I've gone and got myself a little side hustle.  A passion project. An entrepreneurial endeavor- and it feels really good.

The back story. An impressive lady, Yvette (yes another me, one whom I met at a NSW Breast Cancer Foundation Ambassador training), recently got in touch. After her diagnosis Yvette gave up her Corporate career in the music business, her home in Sydney and party fueled lifestyle and totally reset her life She's since gone on to base herself in QLD and to rise to the top of the Wellness entrepreneurial community with her business Soulpreneurs. In more recent news she expanded into the doTERRA Essential Oils business and she's absolutely loving it. Both the oils and the business of the oils.

As is typical with me, after discussing my latest health issues with Yvette, I couldn't wait to get these babies into my hands. I must say, they are every bit as awesome as I hoped, so much so, I'm frankly obsessed. On the frank topic, especially with frankincense! Cut to me researching essential oils, and doTerra specifically. From their social responsibility to sourcing efficacy and of course therapeutic grade products, they are the real deal. I even like the Network Marketing aspect, it works because there's a lot to learn when it comes to getting the most out of essential oils. Oils coaching is a thing!

Anyway, I wont rabbit on all day but I did want to share my initial top 10 oil hacks. Because, I think you might want to investigate this little side passion of mine too. 

  1. One drop of lemon oil into a mug of warm water tastes awesome and saves you with messing with lemons to start your day on the 'right foot' so to speak
  2. Add a drop of frankincense to your daily moisturizing routine to reduce fine lines (and smell awesome)
  3. Also, frankincense again.... it's anti inflammatory and therefore a cancer fighting type of oil
  4. I'm using Clary Calm, doTERRA's female blend to support all things hormonal (I mean menopause) related - which smells divine and has the added benefit of relaxing me
  5. Tea tree oil - an Aussie favorite - also known as Maleluca is natures best antiseptic and also doing a fine job of managing the zit I am currently sporting on my chin!
  6. A drop of oregano oil in your pasta sauce - organic and tasty addition to anything Italian 
  7. Peppermint oil is awesome as a pick me up any time - I take a wiff as I battle out of bed to hit yoga at 6am
  8. Smart and Sassy - a doTERRA oil blend increases your metabolism - OK this isn't a hack I can swear by given my newness but it feels good to be giving it a try!
  9. My nephew has terrible sinus problems, but since I gifted him DoTerra's breathe blend he has been sleeping (and breathing) better - proud auntie, love finding natural alternatives that he can use regularly without concern
  10. This just in - I use a spray bottle and mixed in water with two of TERRA's anti bacterial oils - On Guard and Tea Tree and now I have a yummy smelling yoga mat cleaner

As you can see, I'm kind of excited about the delights of these oils. So sharing them called me right in.  If you want to know more, click the Essential Oils link up above or send me an email -  I'm going to start hosting Oils classes soon and I would love to have you join. If in person doesn't work, a phone or skype is pretty effective too.

Namaste friends.