Hillary needs a health coach

I just attempted to buy a picture of Hilary Clinton in NY on the weekend & Getty images wanted to charge me $266. So you get this instead. A serene, peaceful, reflective lake in the Catskills, somewhere anyone would do well to recuperate. Taken and fully owned by me!

Living in the US as I do, whilst I'm unable to vote does expose me to all the politics that goes with this great country. Right now we are in the middle of the most comedic election of all time. With Donald Trump jumping into his clown suit on a daily basis expounding all manner of ridiculousness (in my humble opinion). But I am not here to push any political party or agenda. Even though #dumptrump #hillaryforthewin #i'mwithher.

If you are living under a rock (or in Australia) here are the facts. Last weekend Donald and Hillary both attended the 9/11 Memorial service in NYC. An important event no doubt they were likely passionate about attending.  During which Hillary looking faint made a wobbly early exit. Under the scrutiny of the public eye, pressed on why, it was revealed she had in fact been diagnosed with walking pnemonia two days prior.

Since then I've read so many editorial pieces saying it's the nature of the beast, it's the Campaign Trail, people get sick. Hillary herself is trying to down play it, to prove that she isn't too weak for Presidential election. My POV is this. Since when did leading a country mean that you shouldn't be able to set personal boundaries? Boundaries like sleep, nutrition & time out. Strong leadership needs to put a stop to this ridiculous burn out inducing road show. At least in its current format.

Long before health coaching I was coached as a leader. In fact I've had the fortune to be coached three times in my career, each time enabling me to learn and grow into a better leader than the one before. My coaching has been both life changing and career defining. To be specific, years before breast cancer I learned to appreciate how taking care of me made me a BETTER LEADER.  Studying health coaching of course reinforced what I'd learned. So why oh why do the most important leaders in the free world behave like big bafoons and do what has always been done? Surely they know better?

Some truth. On the same day, I collapsed into a strep throat infected mess. I was reminded, you know better. I realized on reflection I'd done a Hillary myself. No wonder it struck such a nerve. Since then I've been in hibernation, drinking green juice, eating chicken soup, taking probriotics (and of course antibiotics) and I am thoroughly on the mend. I'm also determined to slow down and embrace the good stuff not like I'm running out of time, but with more presence and grace. 

All of which led me to thinking that Hillary could really do with a health coach right now.  After reading this yesterday I believe Arianna Huffington is the woman for the job! Of course if she isn't available I'll happily step in. 

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