What is, is what matters most….

Do you sometimes find yourself in your head thinking about what might happen in the future? 

When I was in the thick of breast cancer treatment, I had a realisation. No amount of worrying about whether (or not) I would survive could change the outcome. That if I invested my precious time into worry, my now would suffer.

My beautiful friend Nicole and I agreed on this principle. We shared an apartment in NYC, breast cancer and an attitude of focussing on what we could control in the moment. We fine dined, traveled and adventured around the US. All while she was going through continued treatment and bad news.

I’m so grateful we had this time together. Also for the beautiful life lesson. We are never truly in control of what’s coming. All we have is today. This moment. What is.

Nicole didn’t get to live the long life she deserved, but she made the most of the one she had. Leaving footprints on hearts wherever she went. Experiencing miracles right to the very end.

So next time you’re all up in your head fretting about something that may (or may not) happen down the track, repeat this little mantra to yourself. Today, I will simply focus on what is, not on what if.

Much love

Yvette xx