Just like in recovery 'it works if you work it'

In my last post I talked about manifestation and committed to a 2+ minute daily practice. Each day I would visualize and deeply feel my future excellent life unfold.  Today I'm back to report on my progress.  It's a mixed bag.

Week one was a big success.  Both because I genuinely felt more optimistic and also I noticed actual changes. I think I was experiencing endorphins as a result of my heart swelling visualizations!  Amazing right?! Which meant my personal vibe actually increased. At least I think that is how I best explain what happened. What happened was more of the type of opportunities needed to live into my dreams appearing before my eyes. People, invitations, informations. That sort of thing.

Manifesting magic

How on earth have four weeks passed since my last post?  Summer in this city called NYC is definitely the busiest time of the year for me. Although calling it summer in the city is a huge stretch, because I've hardly been here.  In fact since my last post I have attended 3 weddings, two outside of NYC, travelled to a conferene at Disneyland, spent a week on the West Coast (Lake Tahoe/Wanderlust Squaw Valley/wedding in Salem Oregon, wineries, food & hiking in Portland), Montauk, Nashville, St Louis.  There is actually more but you get the gist!

Of all these adventures, it was unsurprisingly Wanderlust that triggered the subject of this post. Although the pic above was taken on my hike in Portland yesterday.

Staying open to change

This might be the longest I have ever gone without posting since starting this blog. It has for now become another thing on a huge to do list. I do love writing, so I'm happy that I have carved out a little space (before work) to focus here. Also that I can tick it off the list. Sad but true. I'm sorry!

The thing is, I'm going through a period of rather large change. If you've been following a long on this journey of my life this wont surprise you at all. I'm in somewhat of a transition year. It started with change, and I definitely find that change begets change. It's such cyclical part of life. It's exciting, it's scary and it can be all consuming. Which is what is happening to me.

How yoga and meditation can lead to forgiveness

Two fairly major happenings in my life, all roads leading in the same direction. Firstly I have started yoga teacher training. Secondly, I’ve just spent a week in Uruguay/Jose Ignacio on yoga retreat. 

Suffice to say I have spent a great deal of time creating some space in my mind through detaching. I'm finding the more I invest myself into yoga, the easier it is becoming to gain clarity. In particular, this past week, we spent 5 hours per day in the yoga room.  The first 30-35 minutes each day were spent in meditation. Then we generally did a vinyasa class that would last up to 2.5 hours - including 30 minutes in savasana. After some beach time, we would reconvene for another 2 hours of restorative or yin yoga. Again including 30 minutes of savasana.

Digital detoxing

Last weekend, I unintentionally went on a digital detox retreat. What I mean by that is I signed up for a yoga retreat and didn't read the fine print. What the fine print said was that there would be 1/ no alcohol 2/ no technology (outside of cameras) and 3/ copious amounts of mindfulness.  In full transparency I may not have booked myself in for all this serious stuff had I been more across the agenda!