What's your why?


Since taking on my essential oils side hustle I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself. It’s a part of the journey that’s not negotiable, if you plan to succeed - and I do. Investing yourself into multi level marketing is not for the feint of heart. There’s a social stigma attached and that aspect alone is enough to scare off most. Personally, one of my greatest drivers in life is (and always has been) being ‘liked’. Imagine then, putting myself out there into an environment where many will judge and question my motives, say no to me, or worse, turn off me. I tell you, it’s character building stuff.

Early on, I learned that the best way to rise to this type of challenge is to have a clear, strong WHY. As in a reason, so extremely motivating that it trumps everything else. Fact is, if you know why you’re doing something and it’s genuinely heart felt, important, life changing and soul inspiring, then…and only then… you have every chance of success.

Working on my why, I realised, was not about essential oils at all. It’s so much more than that. It’s more of a lens through which to consider how I show up in the world, what my unique purpose, passion and talents amount to. How can I use them for the greater good.

This type of work on yourself is important, I felt compelled to jump in here and write about it. I’ve read a couple of excellent books along the way that helped me gain clarity.  One is actually titled (surprise!) - Finding your Why.  The other, a book about the Japanese key to happiness, Ikigai.  Ikigai is kind of a magic formula which really resonated strongly with me.

While I’ve decided my ‘why’ is an evolving part of me, not something fixed and rigid, I’m going to share what I’m focusing on right now. So WHY am I doing what I’m doing? OK, here goes:

I want to make a positive impact on the world, through using my experiences to help others have better lives. To be an authentic, vulnerable leader that inspires and empowers others (especially women) to lead with their head AND heart. To value and champion, health, happiness and harmony - every single day. To deliver on my why, I need a “full cup”; an abundance of energy, time and resources (yes money matters) so that I can give generously. 

I love that having spent time on this, I’m clearer on how I show up both in my advertising career and my side hustle. It’s led to me blending them at times and delivering on my why more quickly than I could have dreamed. 

This year, when I got back from my summer (yes I’m in the Southern Hemisphere these days y’all), I created a back to work week long event called ‘Nourish yo’self’. Clearly not an original name, but intended to cut through to the young folks! Every day for a week, I ran an hour long session at lunch time to all that felt called to attend. Monday was Mandala drawing while listening to a Tony Robbins leadership podcast. Tuesday I taught yoga. Wednesday, was an Introduction to Essential Oils. Thursday, we worked on our intentions for 2018 (including vision boards for some). Finally on Friday I led a Manifestation themed meditation. Every day there was a mix of attendees, some came all week, but lots just for one or two sessions. By the end, there were over 60 people who attended at least once. My heart was so damn full.

Another aspect that I’ve been doing more of (and with increased clarity) is speaking to our industry friends. My path through breast cancer, moving to NY and back to Sydney comes with many coachable moments and I’m enjoying telling the story in a way that really connects with others. Maybe even changes their perspective.

If you haven’t figured out your why yet (or at least your why for right now), let this post be the kick up the b*tt to get you on your way. Only you have your unique talents, stories and perspectives. Please, I beg of you, don’t let them go to waste. Dream big, dig deep and I will see you on the dance floor.  

NB - easy action - Google “finding your why”, buy a book, listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video and get going.