It's the last 90 days of this decade!


As I sit here typing, there are 90 days left, not just in this year, but of this decade. To think, one day we will look back and exclaim, back in the 10’s we xyz (how weird does that sound?!).

At this time of year, it’s pretty common to slip into “it’s nearly over” mode. I mean let’s just limp toward the finish line (that is the holidays) and start fresh next year. Sound familiar? In corporate, it can even be a bit of a mantra. You know guys, we just have to keep pushing, to get through. Urgh really?

But what if this last year of the 2010s, we flipped it?

Think about what’s possible in just 90 days. It’s long enough not to just change a habit, but to radically, positively alter your life. Think massive transformation style!

You could…..

Launch a new business

Drop a few clothing sizes

Sell a house

Move countries

Change careers

Leave a marriage

Study that thing you always wanted to learn

Rehabilitate an addiction

The list is pretty endless. And to think: all of this is still available to you……. this year. This decade.

Something to consider: right now you’re on track to finish the year out a certain way. You can look back at the data to predict the outcome. Behave the same way, continue forward on your path. Watch it unfold. You know the drill. Rinse and repeat. Stay on trend.

OR you could decide to finish this year BETTER than ever.

So here’s the big question:

What does better look like to you?

If I ask you to just get clear on one thing you would like to achieve (or change), what is it? Let your mind wander forward to December 31st. What would future you be most excited to reflect on from these next few months?

This is your permission slip to claim that one thing. To take small steps toward it. Every single day, all 90 of them, for the rest of this decade. You deserve more than survival mode, you deserve to thrive.

So feel it, see it, believe it, become it.

What’s it going to be? Please share in the comments.

Yvette x