Why the Whole30 didn't meet my expectations

This week I finished my Whole30. In fact today is considered to be Day 34. Overall I am super pleased I took on the challenge and got to the end without any major slips. I would say ANY slips but on the last night I acccidentally ate a mouthful of cheese.  And whilst if that occurs at any point on the W30 you are supposed to start from day 1, that is not on my agenda 29.7 days into the job!

At the end of the 30 days I was a bag of mixed emotions. I found that while I had some wins (my blood pressure was the best I've seen it in years), I also had some losses. The biggest being my running stamina. It was off from the start and yet even when carefully following the pre and post work out directions, it never righted itself. Yes there is the theory that I just need some more time for my body to kick into fat burning mode. Maybe that's a reality. I'm just not convinced. My other issue on the energy front is that my bar is so high. I have never lacked energy. So asking for some 'tiger blood' to come forth was maybe setting myself up for failure?! Do I feel energetic in general after the Whole30? YES.  Do I feel more energetic after the Whole30?  I don't know!

Nine healthy ways to celebrate

You know the feeling........you just reached your goal weight. Or saved enough for a deposit on your first home. Maybe you wrote your first book (I'm envious if you did that's on my goals list!). Or it's your birthday, it's Christmas, Hanukkah or any other special occasion. All of these in my book call for a celebration! Which society has trained us to believe equals champagne (or another drink of your choice). There is nothing wrong with this of course. I mean it's a celebration, of course you should drink booze.  

Dealing with addictive behavior (Soul Food week three!)

Addiction comes in all shapes and forms.  While drugs and alcohol are the most widely treated types, they are certainly not the most wide spread. In looking back over a post from last week I noticed I reference my 'addiction' to my devices. The Whole30 is aimed at breaking sugar addiction in particular. Thinking about it, it seems to me that we all struggle with addiction in one form or another. Often times, perhaps the behavior is more of a compulsion perse, but the fact is, even a compulsion is hard to break.  

How to see obstacles as opportunities

There are a lot of parallels when I think about training for a marathon (or any distance) and the journey of life. You start out with a dream or vision of what you want to achieve (be that just finishing, enjoying the event or a specific time). You set a course of action to get you there that is not just physical but emotional, strategic and that requires continual course correction along the way. And then you move forward, sideways, sometimes backwards, gaining experience and growing along the way.

Soul Food, week one challenge

Somehow I seem to have decided to start a weekly challenge and commence the Whole30 on the same day. I mean as if the Whole30 isn't a big enough challenge on its own?  That being said, I've decided that the key was to choose a non food task this week that ultimately is true to Whole30 but possibly something I wouldn't stick to otherwise.

As you have probably guessed by now, I'm going to focus on getting quality sleep. I'm honestly not the best sleeper. I'm on hormone blocking medication with the lovely side effect of hot flushes, which tend to run amok when I first get into bed each night. I often lay awake for over an hour before dozing off. But I will confess to regularly getting into bed not long after eating and directly from TV viewing.  

The official challenge is:  All electronics off by 30 minutes before bed time (yes even the phone). This is causing me angst just to think about. So that means it's a good challenge. Play along and let me know how you go.

To Whole30 or not?!

Earlier this year I bought the book 'It Starts with Food' amongst others while I was working my way through health coaching studies. Most of these books are actually still sitting on my book shelf unread.  It turned out that between working full time and studying, adding load to related content was more than I could manage.  Then there was the fact that I was not eating meat or chicken given the this approach to food is quite paleo like (meat, chicken, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds).