Want to leave your corporate job, but it terrifies you?

Want to leave your corporate job, but it terrifies you?

You’re not alone. Whether it’s a health scare, life crisis or just a growing feeling of unsettlement, more of us are asking the question ‘is this all there is?’.

For me, it was two major health challenges that made me woke (apparently this is what the young folk call waking up). The first, a burn out induced anxiety disorder, diagnosed in my late 20’s. The second, breast cancer, some 12 years later. In both instances, I longed for career change, but opted instead, for the relative safety of travel. Travel and awesome International roles, in the field I was longing to leave.

Take care of you!

I am currently studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, learning to be a health coach (in today's news so is Pippa Middleton apparently!). The course load is roughly 5-7 hours per week for a year, with materials largely being video 'modules'.  These modules vary greatly, but my favorite ones are always the guest speakers, they are typically very inspiring as well as educational.

This week, the first two lectures were by Bernie Siegal MD. What an interesting character, I was mesmerized watching him. And his very aligned POV to my own made it very compelling. Funny that, I am always drawn to the lecturers who most 'speak my language'.