Gratitude turns what we have into ENOUGH

Two of my favourite things - Byron Bay & Sunset

Two of my favourite things - Byron Bay & Sunset

Do you ever wake up and feel doomed to have a bad day? Maybe it starts with too many ‘snoozes’, so you’re running late. Then it’s raining and as you run for the bus you splash mud on your pants. You miss the (expletive) bus and feel it in your bones. Today sucks. It’s going to be awful and you might as well accept the fact.

Except then it dawns on you that it’s Friday. OMG, it’s Friday! Who cares if you have mud on your pants and you arrive a little late. Everyone knows that happens in wet weather. Plus it’s FRIDAY!!

Hang on, what just happened? Nothing happened. I mean the facts remained the same. You still have mud on your pants, are late for work, and are waiting for another bus. Yet everything happened. You changed your mindset.


You can go from having a bad day, to a good one almost regardless of the circumstances. You get to choose your thoughts (see you just did, reminder it’s FRIYAY!). Your thoughts lead to your feelings (woop). You are in the command seat of your mood.

Today started off pretty frustrating in my world. It rained so hard all night (in Sydney) that I had a crappy sleep. It was noisy! My running ‘date’ this morning was cancelled. I was relieved and instead of going to yoga, I curled up on the couch with my dog. My mood went down hill as I considered the day ahead. Too many balls in the air. Not enough time. Overwhelm.

Well screw that!

Every moment is an opportunity to choose better. To think, feel and act from a place of our highest good. I don’t have to stay in a crappy mood today and neither do you. Here’s what life has taught me is the absolute best way from woe to woohoo.

GRATITUDE turns what we have into enough

Next time you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, here’s my advice for breaking the cycle. Take out a note pad (I mean journal!) and write a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. Begin this process by focussing on the people in your life, that you love whole heartedly. From there it’s an easier step to getting you clear on the realities at play.

Today I’m grateful for my beautiful family who love me unconditionally. For my friends, old and new who are my greatest cheerleaders. I’m also grateful that I have a bed. A friend who shared my don’t wanna get out of vibes today. A gorgeous puppy for cuddles. A business that I’m building block by block that brings me fulfilment, that’s fun and serves others. That I have so many balls in the air!

Next stop is my meditation cushion to reset my entire nervous system for the day.

What are you grateful for?