Have you ever thought about taking a break from drinking?

Have you ever thought about taking a break from drinking?

Typically, I start each new year with a head ache, foggy brain and dry mouth. The routine mindset - today I’m going to feel average (to poor!) and I just have to get through it. I busy myself filling in any blanks from the night prior. As the day progresses, I indulge in comfort eating, pain killers, and swear off binge drinking. Then as the sun sets, I’m reminded that a little glass of wine will certainly take the edge off and help me sleep better. Preferably red wine.

The second of January? Well that’s a better day, that’s a day when I can get my head around a few New Years resolutions and maybe even take myself for a swim. Nothing too strenuous mind you, I’ve still got recovery to be doing. That being said, January in Australia (or on the Nth American snow fields) is most often a month of play. That holiday feeling lingers, so we don’t want to go starting anything too healthy. Not just yet. Maybe, we think, just maybe, Febfast is a good idea?

Digital detoxing

Last weekend, I unintentionally went on a digital detox retreat. What I mean by that is I signed up for a yoga retreat and didn't read the fine print. What the fine print said was that there would be 1/ no alcohol 2/ no technology (outside of cameras) and 3/ copious amounts of mindfulness.  In full transparency I may not have booked myself in for all this serious stuff had I been more across the agenda!