Have you ever thought about taking a break from drinking?

Have you ever thought about taking a break from drinking?

Typically, I start each new year with a head ache, foggy brain and dry mouth. The routine mindset - today I’m going to feel average (to poor!) and I just have to get through it. I busy myself filling in any blanks from the night prior. As the day progresses, I indulge in comfort eating, pain killers, and swear off binge drinking. Then as the sun sets, I’m reminded that a little glass of wine will certainly take the edge off and help me sleep better. Preferably red wine.

The second of January? Well that’s a better day, that’s a day when I can get my head around a few New Years resolutions and maybe even take myself for a swim. Nothing too strenuous mind you, I’ve still got recovery to be doing. That being said, January in Australia (or on the Nth American snow fields) is most often a month of play. That holiday feeling lingers, so we don’t want to go starting anything too healthy. Not just yet. Maybe, we think, just maybe, Febfast is a good idea?

Alcohol and freedom from Debbie

I promised in my last blog post to share some of my sober October observations. Let me start by saying the biggest finding for me was a sense of peace. I happen to share my head space with a rather snarky and pretty pushy critic. She's a real debbie downer. While I haven't ever given Debbie a name before, as I type this it seems she's been christened.  So Debbie she is.

My house mate Debbie particularly enjoys waking up on days after nights when I've been indulging in too many drinks. Why? Because she knows my defenses are low at such times and she can run riot.  Which means, game on, she's got plenty to stay, typically starting with an accusation (you shouldn't have) or a question (why did you have to). 

The joy of doing hard things

This pic was taken on October 1st, 2017.  I'm loving the contrast of the white toe nails, black slides and reflecting blue Sydney waters. None of this is relevant to to this post though - except for the date.  Why? On this date, I began Sober October - otherwise known as Ocsober.  Which means 31 days, alcohol free.

I come from a long line of drinkers and a family where alcohol is part of the fabric. My father is a living example of the horrific ugliness of extreme alcoholism. Despite this, none of us kids have chosen to rebel with healthier behavior.  Least of all me. In fact, the challenge of 31 days alcohol free is very steep indeed. I know, this is hardly what you'd expect of a qualified health coach and yoga teacher. It's the honest truth though. So there you have it.

Nine healthy ways to celebrate

You know the just reached your goal weight. Or saved enough for a deposit on your first home. Maybe you wrote your first book (I'm envious if you did that's on my goals list!). Or it's your birthday, it's Christmas, Hanukkah or any other special occasion. All of these in my book call for a celebration! Which society has trained us to believe equals champagne (or another drink of your choice). There is nothing wrong with this of course. I mean it's a celebration, of course you should drink booze.